The Museum of Prophecies: Iceland’s Visionary Museum

Iceland is mostly known for its stunning glaciers, volcanoes, and geysers. Iceland’s folklore is just as captivating as its many scenic vistas. Iceland has a rich history which includes many fantastical elements. Iceland’s Museum of Prophecies honors Iceland’s mystical past by paying tribute to a 10th century prophetess named Pordis. A painted tapestry details the many visionary insights revealed by the Icelandic prophetess. Pordis had a special love for climbing Spakonufell mountain so that she could commune with the divine as she ascended the slopes.

The Museum of Prophecies has several displays which highlight various time-honored soothsaying tools. A full deck of tarot cards and an outstretched palm waiting to be read line the walls. A nook dedicated to tea leaves and coffee grounds explains how the bottom of a tea cup can reveal important information about future events. The Museum of Prophecies highlights fortune telling artifacts and traditions from around the world. A life-size likeness of Pordis standing outside of her cabin holding a bag of divination supplies beckons visitors to learn more about her uncanny life story.

For a small fee, visitors can have their fortune told by a seasoned soothsayer. Of the five women who founded the Museum of Prophecies—only two of them are professed fortune tellers. Fortune tellers—the women of the Museum of Prophecies will happily explain—are simply people who have an aptitude for interpreting the messages found at the bottom of a teacup, in a certain combination of tarot cards, or in the life line of a palm. The Museum of Prophecies has a gift shop that gives visitors the opportunity to purchase their own divination tools. A deck of tarot cards or a package of tea from the gift shop of a museum dedicated to a 10th century Icelandic prophetess may unlock your fortune telling abilities.

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Skagaströnd, 545

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