The Office: Scranton’s Enduring Legacy

Not many television shows can claim a following as large as The Office. Despite airing its final episode on May 16, 2013, the show remains relevant thanks to countless mini clips and videos available online. These snippets have collectively garnered hundreds of millions of views over the years. Most of the filming for The Office took place in Scranton Business Park, a rather ordinary-looking, grey office building that also functions as a real-life office. After shooting the first season in this location, production later moved to Chandler Valley Center Studios in Panorama City, California, where each cubicle was meticulously recreated to resemble the original building. Owing to the popularity of the U.S. adaptation of the sitcom “The Office,” Scranton, Pennsylvania has transformed from a former coal city into a thriving tourist destination, breathing new life into its downtown area.


While the studio understandably keeps its doors closed to prevent enthusiastic fans from disrupting the work environment, the building remains unchanged from its appearance on The Office. This allows fans to take selfies and photos outside the building whenever they please.

In addition to the primary filming location, some episodes of The Office were shot in various other locations when the storyline called for scenes outside the office building.

Thanks to the popularity of The Office, Scranton has become somewhat of a tourist destination. Over 3,500 visitors have participated in the official “Office” tour of landmarks featured on the show, contributing to the revitalization of the city’s downtown area. The urban center now boasts an array of new restaurants, businesses, and apartments.

Memorable Scranton locations featured on The Office include:

  1. Alfredo’s Pizza Café – In season 4’s “Launch Party,” a debate over Alfredo’s Pizza Café and the fictional Pizza by Alfredo arises. While the latter is purely imaginary, Alfredo’s Pizza Café is a real restaurant that serves delicious pizza.
    Address: 1040 S. Washington Ave.

    Alfredo's Pizza Cafe

    Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe
    Photo by Flickr

  2. Cooper’s Seafood House – This 65-year-old, family-run restaurant, complete with a lighthouse and a full-size pirate ship, remains a popular destination for fans of the show.
    Address: 701 N. Washington Ave.

    Cooper's Seafood House

    Cooper’s Seafood House
    Photo by Flickr

  3. Poor Richard’s Pub – A favorite hangout for Dunder Mifflin employees, Poor Richard’s is featured in numerous episodes, including “Cocktails,” “Local Ad,” “St. Patrick’s Day,” and “A.A.R.M.”
    Address: 125 Beech St.

    Poor Richard’s Pub

    Poor Richard’s Pub
    Photo by Flickr

  4. The Marketplace at Steamtown (formerly Steamtown Mall) – Although not particularly noteworthy aside from its mention in The Office, the mall is home to the “Scranton Welcomes You” sign, which has been relocated indoors to prevent traffic disruptions caused by fans taking pictures.
    Address: 300 Lackawanna Ave.

    The Scranton Welcome Sign, used in the “The Office" was re-located to the Marketplace at Steamtown, to keep cars from stopping on the interstate for pictures.

    The Scranton Welcome Sign, used in the “The Office” was re-located to the Marketplace at Steamtown, to keep cars from stopping on the interstate for pictures.
    Photo by


  5. Penn Paper tower – The iconic Dunder Mifflin tower, home to the Pennsylvania Paper & Supply Company, is still recognizable even eight years after the show’s conclusion. The tower, which remains adorned with the Dunder Mifflin logo, is located near The Marketplace at Steamtown.
    Address: 215 Vine St.

    Pennsylvania Paper Tower

    Pennsylvania Paper Tower
    Photo by Flickr

The Office captivated millions of American and international fans for nearly a decade. The sitcom, which maintains a dedicated following to this day, offers a more satirical and mordant take on office life than its British counterpart.

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