The Big Potato-Shaped Hotel in Idaho Promises Unusual Vacation

AirBnB is well-known for providing holiday destinations and unusual spots, that are less known. Definitely, one such interesting destination is the huge Potato Hotel in Boise, Idaho.

The six-ton potato-shaped hotel was not only designed, but also built by the Potato Commission of Idaho for the tour of Big Idaho Potato. The huge potato started its journey about seven years ago and managed to travel across the 48 states of the US, while being carried by a semi-truck. The tour was for the purpose of promoting this famous vegetable from Idaho.

Now, this huge plaster, concrete potato is located on a good old Idaho farmland of about 400 acres in Boise. This unusual hotel was designed by a DIY enthusiast and former spokesperson of Big Idaho Potato Tour Kristie Wolfe. Surprisingly, the interior design of the Potato Hotel offers utmost comfort, style and numerous amenities.

There is a custom-built bed, vintage record player, a mini-fridge, kitchenette, air conditioning, a fireplace, wooden shelving unit, and power outlets for any electronic device. Also, a retrofitted silo converted into a bathroom, with the little porthole enables visitors to enjoy the stars. Also, there is a small fireplace to keep travelers warm and a pet in the form of a cute jersey cow.

This new venue can accommodate two guests and it’s great a relaxing weekend. Of coarse, you can choose to be a couch potato, but Boise has a lot to offer. It is home to breathtaking mountains, rivers, lakes, desert land, canyons, and supreme restaurants.

Boise is a great getaway for those, who want to have a little break from a daily routine.

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