The Secret Scottish Pyramid of Cairngorms National Park

Scotland would probably be the least likely place you’d expect to find this certain piece of ancient architecture. But believe it or not, there is a pyramid in existence located in Scotland‘s Cairngorms National Park that actually serves as an interesting piece of royal history. Amidst the Scottish woodlands, this area is mostly known to tourists and adventurers as a fascinating place known for old medieval castle ruins and artefacts.

This secret Scottish pyramid, however, has ties to the royal family. In fact, this pyramid is part of the 11 Scottish Cairns, which are specifically arranged pile of stones assembled to commemorate members of the British Royal Family. This one, in particular, was constructed to symbolize Queen Victoria’s love for Prince Albert.

This is the largest of all 11 Cairns and was constructed after Prince Albert’s death as a tribute to his life and love for the great outdoors. It’s prime location amidst the Scottish woodlands of Cairngorms, just past the Balmoral Royal Estate in Aberdeenshire. It looks magnificently breathtaking from afar especially being surrounded by the serene and lush woodland forest. It does take a little hiking up through the Cairngorms to get to the pyramid and see the intricate arrangement of stones for yourself, but once you reach it, it’s definitely worth the trip for the unusual sight in Scotland.

Make sure to stop and take breaks as you hike through the Cairngorms as the natural sights and sounds you will experience on your way there are definitely irreplaceable and soothing to the soul. Bask in nature’s wonders as you reach the pyramid. There are various routes to get there but it’s advisable to follow the circuit through the woodlands which will gradually take you up the hiking trail where you will find the other, much smaller cairns dedicated to the rest of the royal family, namely Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s children.

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