The surreal underground cave of Tham Khoun Xe

If we were to ask adventurers what global area hosts the most interesting natural sightseeing objectives, Vietnam should be on their list. Aside from the well known Mekong Delta or the Halong Bay, this country hosts a hidden wonder of nature: the Tham Khoun Xe Cave, which is located somewhere between Lao and Vietnam.

Although there is no certain information for confirmation, specialists believe that this 7 km long subterranean channel is the largest one in the world. In fact, some of its passages are even 120 meters tall – therefore, cave lovers will have much to discover once they enter this seemingly surreal place. As they enter the cave, visitors can admire the main series of stalagmites, as well as various plants stretching over the rocks. Afterwards, there comes an impressive 150 meters tall limestone – and from then on, the most exciting part begins.

The Tham Khoun Xe Cave hosts one of the largest active cave rivers worldwide and, luckily enough, tourists are able to enjoy it since 2006. Those who enjoy exploring new areas and being on adventures can take a ride by the boat and admire the wide range of rocks on the 60 meters high ceiling. Also, the calm waters of the river make it easy to dive in through the cave and take enough time to explore each area.

Locals who live in Lao have known about the cave for over a century, as they often came here for fishing purposes. Nowadays, the cave attracts a larger number of tourists every year due to its beauty and magnificent, mysterious shades of blue of the water.








Location: Khammouane, Laos


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