The World’s Strangest Restaurants

Eating out while on vacation is always a good idea. Experiencing new cultures through cuisine or even just different variations of standard dishes is always good for both the stomach and the mind. One of the most enjoyable parts about dining out is the atmosphere and ambiance of the restaurant, cafe, pub, or… (insert term for eating establishment) in which you are dining. Below is a list of peculiar and, in some cases, downright weird list of locales offering memorably unusual dining experiences.

Strange restaurants attract interesting people from across the world. In recent years food tourism has boomed alongside “foodie” culture as a whole. Visitors love getting an authentic, first-hand glance into the delectable cuisine and specialty dishes of a particular area. Many travelers seek to access the best experience by going through a special food tour in the most amazing restaurants available. If you love to travel and love good food, read on to discover some of the strangest and uniquely original restaurants in the world.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant- San Pablo City, Philippines

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Located in the Villa Escudero Resort, The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is certainly one of the strangest restaurants in the world. With a waterfall at their back, those who dine at the Labassin enjoy delicious Filipino cuisine in an extremely unique gastronomic experience. Tables are located at the base of a softly cascading waterfall and patrons at the Labassin remove their shoes and immerse their feet underwater while eating. The ambience is something to be hold, and in addition to the watefall, a dense verdant thicket of foliage surrounds customers on both sides, giving guests the sensation of being in a remote jungle location.

Modern Toilet Restaurant- Three locations in Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Photo by Wikipedia

Modern toilet is a bathroom-themed restaurant where diners sit on acrylic toilets while eating fare that is served in paraphernalia relating to the bathroom theme. The tables upon which the meals are served are shaped like bathroom sinks. Meals are served in miniature toilet bowls, napkins are toilet paper rolls, and drinks come in miniature plastic urinals, which are available to take home as souvenirs. The restaurant serves typical Taiwanese cuisine. There is one menu item that visitors will be hard-pressed to get elsewhere; chocolate ice-cream comes in the shape of poo, that’s right poop-shaped chocolate ice cream.

Bird’s Nest Restaurant-Krabi Thailand

Found in the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort, Bird’s Nest Restaurant serves its scrumptious Thai cuisine in nests that hang in trees 16 feet above ground level. Made from natural materials found locally, the nests provide an original, sustainable and intimate dining experience. Each nest has a great deal of separation from one another, and as such, waiters serve and attend to customers via zip-line. At the not-insignificant height of 16 feet above the ground, the nests also offer spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Fortezza Medicea Restaurant- Volterra, Italy

Situated near the popular tourist destination of Pisa, renowned for its leaning tower, is the Fortezza Medicea Castle, a historic castle that now serves as a prison. The waitstaff are current inmates, and as a result of the strict nature of the facility, guests are not allowed to bring cell-phones in and are thoroughly searched via guard and metal detector before proceeding to the dining area. The dining room is sparse as it is simply a prison dining room, and the food that’s served while delicious reflects its setting and is very simplistic and barebones.

The Rock Restaurant- Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock Restaurant is located in Zanzibar on a giant rock situated at Mchanwi Pingwe beach. The small restaurant provides breathtaking views of the surrounding waters of the Indian Ocean. As is to be expected, the restaurant menu focuses on seafood. The food served here is very high quality and, coupled with the amazing views and unique experience of dining in rock, make the restaurant a must-visit when in Tanzania.

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