Things to Do in Tacoma with Kids

Tacoma, Washington is a lesser-known haven located in the Pacific Northwest that has plenty of activities that families can enjoy on their quest for adventure, knowledge and merriment. “Things to do in Tacoma with Kids” is more than what it seems; it’s an opportunity to discover the lively culture, marvelous natural scenery and hands-on education available here.

Tacoma, Washington, USA with Mt. Rainier in the distance on Commencement Bay.

Tacoma, Washington, USA with Mt. Rainier in the distance on Commencement Bay.
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Tacoma blends urban and natural attractions into one perfect package which makes it a choice destination for families who desire meaningful experiences. From Point Defiance Park’s green expanses to the Children’s Museum of Tacoma that immerses its young visitors into another world, there are endless options for curious and daring minds in this city.

As such there has been an increase in families moving into Tacoma with movers often citing family friendliness as the major consideration for moving. Whether you reside in or visit Tacoma, this city offers an array of kid friendly activities that make every trip educational and engaging at any age so take along your bags then call your kids as you embark on a journey through Tacoma where every corner harbors something new yet unexplored.

Experience Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park is a sanctuary for families located along Puget Sound shoreline. Instead of just being a field full of grass, this 760-acre park is a place for adventure waiting to happen. Here are some highlights:

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium: A Journey Through Nature

A deer wander into the garden area of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington.

A deer wander into the garden area of Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington.
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At the core of Tacoma’s family attractions lies The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium which testifies to mother nature’s wonderful diversity. This special place allows guests to walk through different ecosystems around the globe without ever leaving town limits. It boasts everything from playful polar bears roaming about in the Arctic tundra’s icy coldness alongside majestic musk oxen down to busy coral structures filled with colorful fish at pacific reef whose warm vibrant hues make life here completely distinctive.

Five Mile Drive: A Scenic Exploration

Tacoma’s Five Mile Drive is a perfect escape to nature’s peace and calmness. This scenic road winds through the dense old-growth forests of Point Defiance Park providing families with an opportunity to explore its beauty at their own pace. Be it a leisurely drive or biking on well-paved paths, the journey is occasionally halted by breathtaking views of Puget Sound and islands that are visible in several directions.

Owen Beach: A Day by the Water

Owens Beach

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Owen Beach, found within Point Defiance Park, serves as Tacoma’s beachfront gem for families who want both relaxation and play around water. With its smooth waves and fine sand, this beach provides children with a safe environment for playing or even constructing sand castles and adults with the solace required while viewing Vashon Island’s beautiful scenes from the banks. The place has picnic tables and grills making it a favored spot for family occasions and informal barbecues.

Discover the Museum District

Tacoma’s Museum District isn’t just suitable for grown-ups. It features numerous institutions where kids can interactively learn.

Children’s Museum of Tacoma: A World of Play and Learning

Tacoma downtown marina with Glass Museum, boats and bridge.

Tacoma downtown marina with Glass Museum, boats and bridge.
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The Museum of Glass in Tacoma is a testament to the City’s significant contribution in glassmaking. It is not just an art museum for glass but has exhibits that enable people of all ages to learn how glass artworks are made. Hot shop demonstrations are a mesmerizing sight, where melted glass is turned into beautiful pieces by master glass blowers right before an audience, offering a rare glimpse of this craft’s skill and creativity.

The Washington State History Museum: Journey Through Time

The Washington State History Museum takes families on a journey through the state’s past with dynamic displays and storytelling. As children explore the museum, they can interact with stories that have shaped Washington State—from indigenous cultures who lived here first to recent technological leaps.

Children’s Museum of Tacoma – Building Strong Minds One Playful Day at a Time

Being one of such places as Children’s Museum of Tacoma which uses playtime as learning time, it resonates so much with this concept. This thinking comes alive throughout the different rooms at this museum since there are interactive spaces designed precisely for little minds. Here, children are given free will to lead their adventure by exploring various exhibits at their own speed, thus creating independence and self-assurance.

Visit The Lemay—America’s Car Museum

lemay museum

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LeMay—America’s Car Museum appeals to car-loving families as well. With its collection of cars from various time periods, the museum attracts both automobile enthusiasts and kids curious about how transportation has changed over time. Activities like hands-on exhibits provided in interactive areas make it interesting as well as educational.

Nature Experience at the Tacoma Nature Center

All these Parks fill up fast which makes Tacoma Nature Center an ideal alternative getaway within city limits for those longing to be close to nature. With 71 acres conserved featuring pathways running across marshlands and forests, family strolls become peaceful around here. And The Discovery Pond play-space is primarily meant for children to enjoy a secured area while interacting with nature.

Take a Ferry Ride To Anderson Island

A short ferry ride from Steilacoom to Anderson Island is an adventure in itself. It provides a stunning view of Puget Sound and an opportunity for children to experience water travel. After landing on the island, you can relax at the quiet beaches, hike through the trails or visit Anderson Island Historical Society to learn about its history.

Eat Out With Your Family

Its food scene is as diverse as its landscape offering many family friendly places within Tacoma to eat out. You can find something that suits everyone’s taste buds from the seafood restaurants on the waterfronts to little cozy cafes where they sell all homey foods. Remember also that kids deserve some homemade ice cream which you can get from one of those local parlors in Tacoma.

Bob’s Java Jive: a Timeless Dive

Bob's Java Jive

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Established in 1927, Bob’s Java Jive is a living monument to the past as it celebrates its 90th birthday. A teapot-shaped dive bar with a national historic register plaque – this one has seen generations come and go. Inside, treasures that evoke fond remembrances and campy souvenirs is what makes it an ideal place for sharing drinks with friends over an ice-cold beer or doing some rowdy karaoke. Thus, Bob’s Java Jive offers a charming atmosphere with no other option than to respond to its endless vibes.

The Fabulous World of Wacky and Tacky: A Quirky Treasure Trove

In The Fabulous World of Wacky and Tacky, you can embrace the extraordinary at this store that oozes oddity and beautifully bizarre items. This toy shop which caters for people who want eccentrically exotic gifts is situated in south Tacoma where it beckons visitors into a perpetual Halloween party. It is sandwiched between local restaurants and pubs thus offering access into the area’s eclectic side. Regardless if you are looking for something out of this world or just feel like exploring weird stuff, then go nowhere else apart from The Fabulous World of Wacky and Tacky for your utmost adventure of all time!

For many, Tacoma is a surprising city because it offers many things that can be done by families. Whether your children like the natural environment, past stories of people, crafts or anything else that makes them happy, Tacoma has lessons to learn as well as fun moments. When you go to these places, you aren’t only wasting your time; you are making memories for the rest of your life. Thus get ready and start with the Tacoma adventure where education comes together with leisure.



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