This is What it’s Really Like to Take a Cruise Across the Atlantic

There are certain things you should know if you are going to take a cruise across the Atlantic. Click here to learn all about what you should expect.

A cruise across the Atlantic sounds so romantic and adventurous. It conjures images of days long past when steamship travel was all the rage and was the only way to pass between continents.Today, cruises are far different than they were back then, but there are still transatlantic cruises available for people who wish to answer the call of the open seas. If you’ve ever considered taking a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean, you may be wondering what taking one of these journeys is like. Read on to find out more about transatlantic cruises and to find out if it’s right for you. They are, in fact, romantic and adventurous indeed, but they aren’t for everyone.

The Basics

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have been on a cruise before. However, while transatlantic cruises are in many ways similar to other cruises, they are also very different.
First, a cruise across the Atlantic is quite long. Most Caribbean cruises are a week or ten days at most, but a transatlantic cruise usually takes about two weeks. There are no port stops during this trip, so you are on the ship the entire time.

Some cruise lines schedule transatlantic cruises because people wish to see what it was like for people long ago to travel this way. Other cruises across the Atlantic Ocean exist simply to aid in the repositioning of ships as the demand for cruise ships change seasonally.
If you hate to fly or just wish to take your time while traveling, it’s possible to see the world on a transatlantic cruise; just be aware that it will be quite a while before you reach your destination.

On Board

Life on board a transatlantic cruise is much like it is on any other cruise, but remember, the days can feel very long. To help keep people busy during the many hours of travel, the cruise lines plan a wide variety of exciting activities for passengers.

As a passenger, you can enjoy fitness classes, dance lessons, cooking instruction, below-deck tours, wine tastings, high tea, and more. Ships show movies in the theater and offer a wide variety of other entertainment options, too.

Dining is always a highlight of any cruise, but on a cruise across the Atlantic, it is an even bigger highlight of each day. Passengers can spend as much time as they want enjoying the fantastic meals that are offered, and can meet new people and relax in other’s company, too, with no worries about hurrying at all.

Much of the time on a transatlantic cruise is spent relaxing. If you wish you lie about reading for hours on end, or would like to knit a sweater or two, a cruise like this is a great way to accomplish these goals.

But a Cruise Across the Atlantic Has Downsides, Too

However, a cruise across the Atlantic isn’t all fun and games and won’t be fun for everyone. The weather outside will often be cold, and the seas in the middle of the ocean can get quite rough. If you are not prepared, you can get bored, and staring at the waves day after day can feel lonely. For the right person, a transatlantic cruise can be wonderful. For others, it can be torturous. Take some time to think about whether a cruise like this is for you. If it is, bon voyage, and have fun!
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