No Mistake About Good Food: Tokyo’s Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

Tokyo is home to a variety of eating spots, that pique almost anyone’s appetite. The metropolis is also notoriously acclaimed for their various themed restaurants; maid cafes, ninja cafes, pet cafes, you name it. But, if you’ve been there and done that and are looking for a guaranteed good meal (and if you’re not a picky eater either), then keep an eye out for these quaint and quirky pop-up restaurants, with a wholesome message behind it. Welcome to the Restaurant of Mistaken Orders.

At first glance, you would think of it as more of a novelty gimmick. You MAY get what you ordered or you might get something completely different and no one gets mad about it, because it’ll surely satisfy your taste buds. But, what makes it a charming place to visit is, that all the servers suffer from Dementia.

In a wholesome effort to spread awareness and tolerance across Japan towards Dementia patients, this initiative was started out by a company of kindhearted souls. Not only does it provide good work opportunities for the patients, it also helps with their health and gives Japanese society ample exposure to mental health issues: something that often goes unnoticed within the modern society.

With an upfront and honest message to incoming customers, that you may or may not get what you asked for, but you are guaranteed a delicious meal brings in a spark of humbleness and openness, which customers are more than happy to accept. Besides the pop-up restaurants, the Restaurant of Mistaken Orders is open to accepting generous donations for their cause via their website. Also, there are also print books for sale, that records their journey and efforts. The website is inclusive for the English speaking audience and the company is more than willing to collaborate with more parties to make their cause bigger and better.

So if you’re in an adventurous mood and don’t mind not really being in control of what you’ll be eating, check out The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders and see where they’ll be popping up next.

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