Top 10 romantic restaurants in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA is one of the most influential cities and the center of entertainment in the South. Its amazing culinary scene, festive nightlife, and diverse and thriving cultural scene are just some of the reasons to visit this vibrant city. It offers a myriad of tourist attractions, from the arts to sports, including historic sites, museums, and gardens.

If you’re coming on a romantic getaway, make sure to take advantage of all the stunning and intimate places and activities Atlanta has to offer. Those include boating at Lake Lanier, riding the SkyView Atlanta, having a picnic at Piedmont Park, or at least staying in one of the romantic hotels with hot tub in room, especially if you’re coming on your honeymoon or to celebrate an anniversary or any other special occasion.

And you’ll surely want to take your special someone to a romantic restaurant where you can spend some quality time in an intimate setting while enjoying some mind-blowing food. And to help you decide between numerous high-class restaurants in Atlanta, we’ve created this list that includes different cuisines, ambience, and prices; there’s something for everyone! We hope you have a great stay and whichever restaurant you choose, we know it won’t disappoint. Bon appétit!

1. Canoe /$$$/

The first on our list of most romantic restaurants in Atlanta is Canoe, the recipient of the prestigious Mobil 4 Star Award. Set in the historic Vinings area, on the Chattahoochee River, it offers a dream date experience with elaborate and delicious Southern and New American food accompanied by a sensational outlook over lush gardens and the river.

The setting is so romantic that some couples choose it for weddings and receptions, so you can be sure that it will be a great choice for a special occasion with your SO, such as a birthday or an anniversary dinner.

If you won’t take our word, maybe you’d like to know that Canoe has been featured in Bon Appetit, Food And Wine, Gourmet, The Wine Spectator and The New York Times for its original cuisine and distinctive design, and it was also selected as one of the “Best New Restaurants” in the country by the James Beard Foundation.

As you can imagine, you can’t just pop by and get a table here, you have to book your reservation in advance. And if you can’t make it to dinner here, do try their brunch – the food is just as amazing and the scenery is just as charming, although a bit less romantic because of daylight.

2. Aria /$$$$/

Set in Buckhead, the most affluent and upscale Atlanta neighborhood, Aria is consistently named one of the best restaurants in the city. The elegant atmosphere and delicious, visually stunning food makes it a perfect place for a date night in Atlanta. The staff is professional and incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to wines, the menu is creative, and the gorgeous interior, which includes a bar/ lounge and a dining room, was recently renovated (in 2016), so we can assure you that your dining experience will be a huge success.

If you need some help choosing the meals, we would recommend their lobster appetizer and scallops, or any seasonal and contemporary dish, really. And if wine isn’t your first choice, try some of their expertly-crafted cocktails. The prices are a bit high, but deservingly so – this place is one of the most romantic restaurants in Atlanta!

On the other hand, if you know someone who would appreciate a dinner or some drinks at a fine place like this, you can buy a gift card for them – gift cards can be used in the restaurant and for the online wine shopping (available for curbside pickup). It can be a great present for a friend or a family member, or for someone’s anniversary.

3. Bones /$$$$/

Founded in 1979 with a mission to provide only the finest service, steaks and seafood, Bones has been recognized for the last 40 years as the benchmark of style in Atlanta. Moreover, it’s not only the best steakhouse in the city (which has been proven time and time again by numerous recognitions), Zagat has rated Bones with the highest marks for food and service over all steakhouses in America.

So when you come here for a romantic dinner in Atlanta, you can be sure that you will be welcomed with the finest quality food, along with an acclaimed wine cellar. Prime beef, fresh seafood, and Maine lobster are served here along with regional specialties, faithful to their Southern roots.

This amazing restaurant provides private party rooms and personalized menus, so you can turn to them not only for fine dining experiences, but also for special occasions, such as birthday celebrations or anniversary dinners. If your desired reservation time is not available, you can try to call the restaurant to see if there have been any cancellations. I think you can agree that it sounds like a perfect place for a date night in Atlanta.

4. The Select Restaurant + Bar /$$/

Situated in Sandy Springs, on the north end of Atlanta, The Select Restaurant + Bar is inspired by Le Select brasserie in Paris, the famous gathering spot for artists and literary giants of the 1920’s, which is why its contemporary continental cuisine menu comes with a French twist and the cozy interior features 1920s style decor. There’s also a terrace available, but such preference should be remarked when making the reservation. In addition to the dining areas, there’s also a bar featuring inventive cocktails and carefully chosen wines.

This place also hosts some weekly events you might want to take advantage of for your date night, such as the Awesome Happy Hour Menu, where you get small plates for small prices along with your drinks, Live Music and Ladies Night on Thursday Night, where they serve their popular specialty cocktails (for the ladies for just $9 each), and Monday Night – Hospitality Nights and Live Music, where everyone in the Hospitality Industry Enjoys 15% off all night (beginning at 4pm) – our personal favorite for a romantic experience.

The underground free parking is also available, for up to 4 hours. The only reoccurring problem at this restaurant is waiting to get a table, so try to avoid going on weekends or, if there’s no other option, go for brunch instead of dinner. In the end, it’s all about you and your significant other, having an intimate meal in a romantic setting in one of the best restaurants in Atlanta.

5. Poor Calvin’s /$$/

Established in November 2012, Poor Calvin’s features ‘the East-meets-South’ brand of fusion in the very heart of Atlanta. Although fusion cuisine is not for everyone, and every now and then the results can be off-putting, we can guarantee that this place offers a breathtaking experience for anyone who likes to surprise their taste buds. The food here is creative and innovative, which will make your date night unique and special.

The story of this place starts with Calvin Phan, a Vietnamese chef who worked in kitchens around the world, but had a vision for something more original, for an international culinary fusion. And so, he founded Poor Calvin’s, a place that’s now giving Southern staples, like sea bass and fried chicken, a decidedly creative Asian-inspired twist. We believe that his dedication and attention to detail are evident in each dish and dessert, so you can be sure it won’t disappoint.

The place is in a great location, but still not too popular, so you can be sure to have an intimate setting for your date, the prices are affordable, reviews are outstanding, and the offer is amazing – a fusion of perfect ingredients that result in a great romantic date night restaurant in Atlanta.

6. Atmosphere Bistro /$$/

Set in a charming, renovated cottage, near Ansley Park in midtown Atlanta, Atmosphere is a quaint, chic French-style bistro. It offers is romantic and mellow mood with soft lighting, as well as an elegant bar and patio, perfect for hosting private and public events. The menu offers meticulously-prepared dishes, desserts and cocktails, including the great classics such as Escargots in garlic butter, Duck confit, Mussels marinieres, and Scallops with mushroom raviolis.

And of you like French cuisine, but you’re still not convinced this is the place for you, you should know that from best French restaurant to best 100 overall restaurants, Atmosphere has an impressive collection of awards and “Best of” nominations since its opening in 2002, including excellent rating by Zagat revue and being named the number one French restaurant in the city. It definitely deserved a mention on our list of the most romantic restaurants in Atlanta.

7. Gunshow /$$$/

Kevin Gillespie’s Gunshow is probably the gutsiest restaurant in Atlanta and definitely a great spot for a different date night that will make sparks fly between you and your partner. It opened in 2013 in the Glenwood Park area of Atlanta by Chef Kevin Gillespie and offers a home-like atmosphere where guests can eat what they wish as he prepares dishes from refined to rustic and sends them out to the dining room.

The service is completely personalized, the menu unique, and the portions are solid – no one is leaving hungry from here. Here you can try dishes like Hawaiian paté en croute with pineapple, jalapeño, and Parmesan aioli, while enjoying one of cocktail director Mercedes O’Brien’s unorthodox drinks and the restaurant’s roving bar cart. The offer at Gunshow is ever-evolving, but always serving mind-blowing food that is seasonally rooted, locally acquired, and visually mouthwatering.

This service approach is different than anything else you can find in Atlanta and it creates a fun, casual and personal atmosphere, which is exactly what Gillespie wanted this place to be. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s an amazing restaurant for those looking for a unique date night in Atlanta.

8. Anis Cafe & Bistro /$$/

Featuring romantic Provence vibes and a distinctly French menu, Anis Cafe and Bistro is conveniently set in Buckhead, Atlanta. The specialties of the house include salade au jambon (a salad with prosciutto) and truite meuniere (pan-roasted trout and lemon browned butter), but whatever you order it won’t disappoint; after all, they consistently win awards for their food.

In addition to amazing food, the décor is a huge plus. The ambience is intimate and romantic, with a renovated house that reminds of little charming restaurants that you are likely to find in the south of France and a lush garden that hides the terrace from curious eyes of the streets.

Whether you simply love the unique flavors of French Mediterranean region or you’re looking for a secluded oasis for your romantic date, Anis is not only one of the best date night restaurants in Atlanta, but it’s also a great place to meet up with friends and can cater to large parties with ease.

9. The Garden Room /$$/

Nestled within St. Regis Atlanta, a AAA Five Diamond hotel located in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood, The Garden Room offers an immersive garden bar and dining experience. It’s an enchanting place to visit, and we’re sure that its beauty and casual atmosphere will absolutely charm your date.

The playful highly edited small plates menu comes with an array of craft cocktails, champagnes, wines, spirits and after-dinner drinks. This welcoming and lush space offers a unique experience that will definitely spice up your romantic evening. Nevertheless, we have to take in account its reviews and recommend coming here for drinks and ambience if you’re on a budget – the food is a bit overpriced. Still, it’s a great spot for a date night in Atlanta and it’s extra convenient if you’re staying at St. Regis.

10. Gypsy Kitchen /$$$/

Last but not least, the Gypsy Kitchen offers a culinary experience that will take you across the Spanish countryside, from the Basque and Galician regions to the Andalusian Coast and Catalonia. You will be transported to the picturesque Spanish scenery through the traditional tastes of the Iberian Peninsula, rounded up with Indian and Moroccan influences that distinguish it from other Mediterranean cuisines. Furthermore, you can enjoy this delicious adventure while soaking in the city views, as the Gypsy Kitchen offers a rooftop terrace along with cozy indoor dining room, all decorated with a Hispanic touch and providing you with a perfect setting for a special date night with your SO.

The menu includes various tapas, patatas bravas, swordfish and duck al pastor tacos, and much more. And, of course, you can order a pitcher of sangría or a glass of fine wine to accompany your meal. If you like to explore different tastes and fusions of traditional and contemporary flavors while enjoying a beautiful view, this truly is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Atlanta.

We hope this list helped you find a perfect romantic restaurant that suites your tastes! Enjoy!

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