Top 3 Unusual Places To See In Los Angeles

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You’ve seen it in many movies, and TV series — Los Angeles is quite a destination that both tourists and locals wouldn’t mind exploring when given a chance. With so many fun things to do in this enormous city, you’re spoiled for choices, and a day won’t even be enough to see and experience everything.
However, if you’re one to shy away from overrated or overwhelming places whenever you visit a new spot, you’re surely wondering if there are unusual yet cool places to see in Los Angeles. No worries, because as cosmic as the city is, it’s not that tricky to find hidden pockets that surprisingly conceal several bizarre spots you’ll surely be interested in. The secret is knowing where to look and how you can get there.

Hidden Gems In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is so famous you won’t even have a hard time getting there. Whether you’re from a foreign country or some faraway US state, you can easily find your way to the city without exerting too much effort. If you don’t mind using public transportation, one way you can consider is traveling by bus to Los Angeles. Backpackers and travelers on a budget don’t mind riding public buses, especially since the city is notorious for being relatively expensive.

View of world famous Hollywood Boulevard district in Los Angeles, California, USA at twilight.

Like any other busy city, the City of Angels is filled with theme parks, thriving nightlife, museums, and entertainment. But since you’re looking for unusual places to visit, you have to dig deeper and know what it’s you really want to experience and see. Are you up for some outdoor fun? Do you want to drink and get wasted in one of LA’s themed bars? Or are you into museums but not the usual and popular ones?

But if you don’t have an idea yet of what you want to see and experience in LA, that’s totally okay, too. Maybe the list below can give you some ideas in case you’re looking for unusual places to see in Los Angeles:

1. Museum Of Death

Are you a fan of museums but also a sucker for anything creepy and shocking? If so, the Museum of Death is just the right mix of what you’re craving for. Small as it may be, the museum is packed with fascinating yet disgusting displays and artifacts related to crimes, deaths, and executions.

Some of the museum’s highlights are the death row section, original images from the infamous Dahlia murder, and artwork made by a serial killer. Satisfy your inner-ghoul and join a self-guided tour in this museum that typically lasts for about an hour, which should be more than enough time to see all its morbid attractions. Of course, you’re welcome to stay as long as you like if you feel like you haven’t seen or felt enough mortifying exhibits yet.

2. The Abandoned Zoo In Griffith Park

Zoos are very common in most cities. However, not all places have an abandoned zoo that has been closed for decades. Since you want an unusual place to add thrill and adventure to your trip, you can consider having a picnic at this abandoned zoo located in Griffith Park.

Imagine eating your packed sandwiches inside an abandoned monkey cage—definitely something you won’t easily forget even after you’ve gone back home. The old zoo was the first Los Angeles Zoo, and it’s located almost two miles away from the present one. The cave enclosures are now outfitted with grills and picnic benches.

If you’re up for an eerie feeling in the middle of the day, or you just happen to admire old ruins and dark spaces, the abandoned zoo is absolutely one spot you shouldn’t miss while exploring Los Angeles.

3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Everybody loves seeing celebrities, right? But if you’re not that interested in seeing one, perhaps a resting place for Hollywood personalities would be something that will tickle your fancy. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is located on Santa Monica Blvd, where stars like Charlie Chaplin, Estelle Getty, Darla Hood, and Toto from the Wizard of Oz are peacefully and famously rested.

The Unusual Side Of Los Angeles

Not everyone who visits LA (or California in general) is looking to experience shopping at Rodeo Drive, seeing the famous Hollywood Blvd, or visiting a Disney Park. Some want to discover the city’s well-kept secrets and unusual attractions. If you’re one of those people, go ahead and keep the list above for future reference.

There’s definitely more than meets the eye when exploring Los Angeles. This captivating city is home to famous personalities and places, just as it’s also one of the best destinations if you’re looking for an out-of-this-world or bizarre encounter.


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