Visit the Stately Trakai Island Castle in Lithuania

Approximately 17 miles outside of Vilnius—which is the capital city of Lithuania—stately Trakai Island Castle is situated in the middle of placid Lake Galvė. The castle was first constructed in the 13th century and has undergone several striking transformations throughout the centuries. It is home to an expansive museum that showcases artifacts from Lithuanian history and celebrates important historical figures, such as the medieval ruler Vytautas the Great.

During the warmer months, the castle is open to the public every day of the week. Visitors can explore the interior, which includes a breathtaking chapel with vaulted ceilings. Vestiges of the castle’s time as a military fortress, a private residence for Lithuanian royalty, and a prison are all on display.

One of the most noteworthy moments in the castle’s history is when the Teutonic Knights attacked it in the late 1300s in an attempt to capture strategically important land. The castle sustained some damage, but was ultimately repaired and flourished for hundreds of years after the attack. Today, the castle features numerous historical exhibits that showcase armor, hunting trophies, and magnificent oil paintings from Lithuania’s past.

Visitors can rent a boat to view the castle from the serene waters of Lake Galvė. The castle is surrounded by boutiques and cafes where you can admire it from a distance while you eat and shop. Viva Trakai Resort is home to an elegant dining room and patio where guests can enjoy a sumptuous dinner or a healthy breakfast of fresh fruit on the shores of Lake Galvė.

If you’re a castle enthusiast, a trip to Trakai Island Castle is an absolute must. Spending a day at this notable Eastern European castle offers a travel experience you will surely cherish.

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