Traveling to Orlando, FL: 7 Hidden Gems for You to Discover

Orlando is one of Florida’s top tourist hotspots, and there’s a good reason for this. It has an excellent climate, beautiful natural features, and so much to see and do whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or in a family group.

If you are already up to speed with the main attractions that Orlando has to offer, you’ll probably want to check out a few sights that are a little further off the beaten track.

Let’s discuss some amazing hidden gems that Orlando has to offer its more intrepid visitors.


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Universal Orlando Resort

Ok, this isn’t exactly an obscure attraction, but it’s arguably the most essential one to add to your Orlando itinerary. As well as having an amazing variety of rides and new experiences such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s also a very affordable place to stay and offers amazing restaurants for food lovers such as Greek restaurant which is great for holiday makers on a budget.

It’s worth reading up on the best ways to get from MCO airport to Universal if this is your first stop on your vacation. You should also use Universal planning guides to structure each day of your stay at the resort, or if it’s all booked up, look out for discount Disneyland tickets instead.

The Milk District

Discovering the city of Orlando itself is worth doing, and the Milk District is a neighborhood that needs to be on your list of places to go while you’re there.

It’s the cultural and creative heart of the city, home to all sorts of amazing cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as boutique and artisanal retail outlets, art galleries, museums and so much more besides.

The Museum of Osteology

Speaking of museums, Orlando is home to a fairly unique one; the Museum of Osteology, which any medical specialists out there will recognize as relating to bones.

Inside, it’s packed to the rafters with the skeletons of different creatures, all carefully labeled and described so that you can learn more about the natural world and how animal biology functions.

Exotic Animal Experience

This small scale zoo, which you can only view on certain days by booking in advance, is ideal for animal lovers who want to get up close and personal with some truly unusual creatures.

Some of the kooky and cute residents of the zoo include lemurs, kangaroos, sloths, to name but a few. The experienced handlers will be your guide on this epic and intimate journey to discover and interact with exotic critters.

Wekiwa Springs State Park

Drive a half hour out of Orlando and you’ll be in Wekiwa Springs State Park, a vast area of protected landscape that encapsulates a lot of the aspects you’ll associate with Florida’s natural assets.

Whether you want to hike through the lush greenery, paddle a kayak down a clear water river, hop on a horse and see the countryside in style, or cycle your way from A to B, all this and more can be enjoyed here.

Blue Springs State Park

As you might expect, this state park is celebrated for its springs, which are filled with inviting, azure blue waters that are perfect for swimming. Taking a dip is really a rite of passage for visitors to Orlando, so grab your swimsuit and head on over!

Orange County Regional History Center

Another central Orlando attraction, this museum is perfect for getting a bit of background info about the history of both the city and the state of Florida as a whole.

As with all of the attractions and activities mentioned here, be sure to check in advance to see if it is open during your visit, and whether you can pre-book to avoid disappointment.


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