Ponder the Mysteries of the Universe at the Tree of Life

The gorgeous city of New Orleans is home to countless stately live oak trees. A sprawling live oak in Audubon Park, with branches so long that they touch the ground, has captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike in the Big Easy. Known as the Tree of Life, this majestic tree, draped in Spanish moss, has served as the backdrop for countless weddings.

The official name of the Tree of Life is the Etienne de Boré Oak. Etienne de Boré was a plantation owner who served as the first mayor of New Orleans. His former plantation is now Audubon Park, which houses a golf course, a small island that serves as a habitat for several different varieties of birds, and a series of lookouts where visitors can view the Mississippi River.

In recent years, the Tree of Life has become a popular spot for weddings. Couples who tie the knot under the towering tree believe that saying their vows beneath a live oak that is estimated to be between 200 and 500 years old is the first step toward creating a lasting union that will withstand all of life’s most turbulent storms.

Tree of Life

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It is not uncommon to see groups of friends congregating near the Tree of Life. The lower branches of the Tree of Life are relatively easy to climb, and many people use the majestic live oak as a couch, spending hours pondering the mysteries of the universe beneath its canopy. If you climb high enough, you may even be able to peek into some of the animal habitats at the neighboring Audubon Zoo.

Audubon Park is easily accessible from the St. Charles Streetcar line. Visitors needing a break from the raucous French Quarter can board the St. Charles Streetcar at Canal Street and ride to the serene Audubon Park to catch their breath. The Tree of Life is easily found and visible on most maps of Audubon Park. Few experiences are more dreamy and relaxing than spending a few hours walking at a leisurely pace beneath trees that are draped in Spanish moss gently swaying in the wind.

Popular Audubon Park in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Popular Audubon Park in New Orleans, Louisiana
Photo by depositphotos.com

While New Orleans is primarily known as a hotspot for food, music, and parades, the Big Easy is also home to many spectacularly beautiful outdoor spaces. Nature lovers will tell you that the Tree of Life in New Orleans is one of the most magnificent trees you will ever see.

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