UK Holiday Destinations by Train

Visiting the UK can be quite overwhelming if you only have a week, but you like to see as much as possible. Rent a car? Take the bus? Which is the best choice? Well, we suggest choosing the luxury of a train. Their railway system is very well developed, and there are numerous fantastic destinations to explore by jumping on British trains. Here they are!


Let’s start strong! Home to a few hundred castles, cultural and historical heritage, and magical-looking surroundings, Edinburgh is a must-see city in the UK. Friendly people will tell you all about Scottish traditions and the best places to visit.
Edinburgh is very easily reachable by trains from all the other cities in the UK. And the journeys will not take long. For example, London to Edinburgh is 4hrs 45mins by train and 3hrs 21mins from Piccadilly. Easy!



Recognized as one of the Celtic nations, Cornwall is a historic and ceremonial county in South West England. Visit this beautiful region, indulge in surfing and sailing lessons, visit stunning gardens scattered around the county, and iconic sites, such as St. Michael’s Mountain, the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Minack Theater, Land’s End, and several more. You could also take a boat trip across Cornwall, following your train ride here!
Cornwall is easily reachable from all of the UK. Many routes here are colorful and picturesque, so you will have a blast on the journey.
If you leave from London, it will only take you 4hrs 30mins to arrive.



A beautiful seaside town, port, and civil parish in the Scarborough Borough, Whitby is small but mighty! It has an interesting historical background and heritage sites, so your trip to this town will not have a dull moment. It is also said to be the place that serves the best traditional English meal – Fish&Chips!
Rugged landscapes and pleasant weather will be perfect for a stroll through the city, and here, you will also see plenty of medieval and gothic architecture! Here also lies the ruins of an abbey that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
Whitby is reachable from numerous cities in England by train!

Ruins of Whitby Abbey


Take a train to Birmingham to learn more about the history of legendary rock music, fascinating historical background, and a significant heritage of the cuisine that has impacted all of the UK!
Birmingham is also famous in today’s pop culture. You will recognize places and references made in TV shows and books, and not only that – they also have a strong setting of music and arts. Easily one of the most visited UK cities. See for yourself!



The UK’s City of Culture 2021! Whether you are looking for entertainment, knowledge, or a relaxing time here in the city, just take a dream train to Coventry, and it will get you there!
The Belgrade theater on Corporation Street is the largest professional theater in the city, and it will satisfy your urge to get some insight into UK’s culture. If cars are something that fascinates you, head to the Coventry Transport Museum to learn about the history and structure of motor cars, motorcycles, and pushbikes.
This magnificent city is like an old grandpa, oozing with tails of the past, and that is because Coventry was a major target for the Luftwaffe during Second World War. You can visit 15th century St. Michaels Cathedral to see the impact of the war.

St. Michael’s cathedral

Trains in the UK are probably the easiest way to travel since cars might be dangerous for some drivers, due to the whole traffic being on the other side of the road; and buses or taxis may appear to be too expensive if you plan on covering a lot of ground. So, make sure to book the train tickets beforehand to guarantee yourself a seat and save money. Happy Holidaying!

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