The Illusion of an Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius

The Underwater Waterfall Illusion in Mauritius is a captivating phenomenon in the Indian Ocean. It’s visible year-round, and it’s safe to swim in or surf on.

Aerial view of the underwater waterfall. Mauritius

Aerial view of the underwater waterfall. Mauritius
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The tropical island is best known for being the home of the extinct Dodo bird and the recently discovered lost continent, Mauricia.

The underwater waterfall is not a real waterfall, but an optical illusion that can be seen from above. The illusion occurs in the turquoise lagoon on the southwestern coast of Le Morne Peninsula. Thanks to the clear water, the illusion is created by the perpetual movement of sand and silt sediments.

The island sits on an ocean shelf raised above the seabed level, creating a gradual slope that abruptly ends in a 4000-meter-deep abyssal drop, creating a unique harmony of shades. To experience this natural wonder, a helicopter ride over Le Morne Peninsula is recommended. Air Mauritius offers great deals for this memorable flight, which offers breathtaking views of the UNESCO World Heritage peak.

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