Ureddplassen: One of the most beautiful restrooms in the world

Norway has been long renowned for the unique beauty of its nature. Modern architecture and preservation techniques, enhance the country’s sightseeings, so simply driving along the Norwegian highways is an outstanding experience on its own. Besides the natural beauty, the Norwegian Scenic Route has the most beautiful restrooms in the world.

The Norwegian Scenic Route is called that way for a reason. Its rest areas offer an incredible views of the surrounding mountains, fjords and the sea. This is a particularly popular route for tourists, because they may also catch a view of the Northern lights. Contrary to its beauty, this spot recently got all the attention for a very surprising reason: a public toilet.

Norway decided to enhance the natural beauty of its highways by building unique, modern structures along the road. One of the stops in Helgelandskysten area, provides a great view of the sea and mountains. Also, it has marble benches and steps, that lead directly to the sea.

Right next to them, there’s a wave-shaped construction. Despite the fact that it looks so futuristic, the facility fits perfectly into the scenery. As the night sets in, the restroom is lit from the inside by warm lights. The resulting view barely seems to be real and every visitor, who passes by is eager to capture the moment.

This rest area is much more, than a beautiful views and architecture: it also has a fascinating historical background.

Right next to the stopping point Ureddplassen, there is a monument commemorating the Royal Norwegian Navy submarine “Uredd”. The submarine was used during World War II by the Norwegian army. Back then, 42 brave soldiers lost their lives, as the submarine sank during the battle. The name “Uredd” means “Fearless” in Norwegian, which only makes the monument even more memorable.

Overall, the Uredd rest area proves that, when done right, modern architecture can add plenty of beauty and value to nature’s beauty. Norway is one of the best places in the world to enjoy this unique mix.

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