Utah Crater: The Beehive State’s Hidden Hot Spring

Even those who are well-acquainted with the state of Utah’s countless natural wonders may not be familiar with a cloistered hot spring called the Utah Crater. Located in scenic Midway, Utah at the Homestead Resort, the Utah Crater is a 55-foot deep thermal pool encased in rounded stone. The Utah Crater features toasty water—90-95 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature most days—a natural skylight, and an easily accessible entrance for those who wish to explore the hidden hot spring.

Visitors can make reservations to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, or simply bask in the beauty of the mineral-rich sapphire waters of the Utah Crater. Scuba enthusiasts from around the globe flock to the Utah Crater because it is one of the warmest diving spots in North America. Geology lovers delight in snorkeling around the thermal pool and surveying the unique rocks that line the crater.

The Utah Crater is a family-friendly spot which provides life jackets so that little ones can frolic in the water with ease. The Utah Crater also hosts occasional yoga classes where participants flow through various yoga positions while balancing atop surf boards which float around the crater. If venturing into the 55-foot deep waters of an immense cave sounds menacing, the Utah Crater also offers walking tours where participants can learn about the history and geology of the crater without actually taking a dip in the thermal pool.

Homestead Crater

Photo by visitutah.com

No trip to the Beehive State is complete without a visit to a beehive-shaped crater. If you’re looking for a spot to soothe your aching muscles after you have spent the day skiing or snowboarding down the steep runs of the Wasatch Mountains, the Utah Crater is the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate your weary bones. Even in a blizzard, the waters of the Utah Crater are naturally toasty and inviting.

700 North Homestead Drive
Midway, Utah, 84049
United States

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