Visit the Happiest Pigs in the World in the Bahamas

If you are vacationing in the Bahamas and you see several spotted pigs float by—your eyes are not deceiving you. The island of Big Major Cay has been entirely overtaken by feral pigs who spend their days swimming, surreptitiously boarding passing boats to scavenge for food, and lounging beneath palm trees when the afternoon sun becomes too hot.

Wild, swiming pig on Big Majors Cay in The Bahamas.

Wild, swiming pig on Big Majors Cay in The Bahamas.
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No one is entirely sure how Big Major Cay ended up being populated by a colony of feral pigs. Some say that the pigs washed ashore in the wake of a shipwreck. Others think that perhaps the pigs escaped from a nearby farm. One of the most popular theories is that the pigs were a ploy to attract more tourists to a region which features a string of uninhabited islands.

Pig Beach—as Big Major Cay is now known—has become increasingly popular in recent years. Visitors love to charter a boat so that they can spend the afternoon swimming alongside some of the happiest feral pigs on the planet. The pigs of Pig Beach are generally friendly and well acclimated to humans, but be aware that they will steal any food that you may have packed away without hesitation.

There have been a few accounts of rambunctious pigs biting humans. It is important to remember that—as friendly and tame as they may appear—the pigs of Big Major Cay are wild animals so they should always be approached with care and caution.

A nearby all-inclusive resort called Fowl Cay Resort offers every guest a powerboat with unlimited fuel that can be used to explore Pig Beach. Fowl Cay Resort guests routinely report that one of the grand highlights of their trip was swimming and frolicking with the pigs of Big Major Cay.

Wild pigs on Big Majors Island in The Bahamas, lounging and walking around in the sand and ocean.

Wild pigs on Big Majors Island in The Bahamas, lounging and walking around in the sand and ocean.
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The inhabitants of the surrounding islands make sure that the pigs of Big Major Cay are well fed and cared for. A team of veterinarians routinely floats over to the island to make sure that every pig, cat, and goat on Big Major Cay is living their best life.

If humans are getting you down, consider spending a portion of your vacation swimming and sunbathing alongside some of the most fortunate, pampered pigs in the world. The pigs of Big Major Cay just might inspire you to go find your own uninhabited island where you can go feral, reject civilization as we know it, and spend your days reclining in the sun.

How to get to Big Majors Cay, Bahamas?

To get to Big Majors Cay in the Bahamas, you can fly into Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) and then take a ferry or boat to the island.
Another option would be to fly into a smaller airport such as Staniel Cay Airport (TYM) and then take a boat or water taxi to Big Majors Cay.
You can also reach the island via a private boat charter.
It’s important to note that there are no direct commercial flights to Big Majors Cay, and access to the island is primarily by boat.

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