Things To Do In White Sands, New Mexico

White sands

White Sands in New Mexico is a national park that offers an excellent outdoor experience. There’s something for everyone in this park and that’s why it’s a favorite weekend destination of families and outdoor enthusiasts. Below are the things you can do in White Sands.

white sand dunes new mexico

Go camping

white sand camping new mexico

White Sands is the perfect place to go camping. But you need to act fast if you want to go camping there because spots get filled up quickly. It doesn’t help that the park doesn’t accept advance booking. Getting a spot in the camping is strictly at first come first serve basis. Campers are advised to be at the visitor center before 9 am to secure a spot. You need to pay a $3 camping fee on top of the park entrance permit. Since you’ll be camping in a desert, you need to make sure that you have enough food and water.

Go sand dunes climbing

White sand dunes

White Sands has lots of dunes so you can just pick anyone and climb it. And then slide down on a saucer sled if that’s your kind of thing. It’s guaranteed to be fun though. And it’s why a lot of people are doing it. Yes, some sand dunes can get crowded, especially during weekends. But with patience and some effort, for sure you’ll find a spot with few people. If going down a sand dune on a saucer is not your cup of tea, then you can simply hang out on the top. Again, don’t forget to bring drinks. You can also bring chairs and umbrellas if you want. You can get the saucer sleds at the visitor center and they’re dirt cheap. They’ll even buy it back from you if you want to sell it after using it. For a smooth downhill trip, don forget to wax your saucer.

Go for a walk

White sands

White Sands is a hiker’s paradise. There are many hiking trails in the area. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make your own trail if you want. Just remember that you’re walking on the sand where tracks can be blown off without a trace. So be sure you’re orienteering and navigation skills are excellent before you take the road less traveled. And yes, real dangers await you in the desert. If you’re not careful, you can get injured or, something worse could happen. And for the nth time, bring enough water with you. The last thing you’ll want to happen is to suffer from heatstroke in the middle of the desert.

Go stargazing

Stargazing white sands

City dwellers will have an amazing time stargazing at White Sands. With very little light pollution, you’ll be able to see lots of stars. If you want to have an epic stargazing experience, you will need to set up camp. Just get out of your tent sometime around midnight or beyond and just lie on the sand. If it’s your first time in White Sands, then it’s safe to say that you’ve never had a more breathtaking stargazing experience.

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