World’s Largest Swimming Pool San Alfonso del Mar

The San Alfonso del Mar resort, located north of the city, is home to the world’s largest outdoor pool.

It has been attracting tourists since it opened in December 2006.

San Alfonso’s pool is 1 kilometre (3/5 mile) long. The pool covers an area of 7.7 hectares (19 acres) that holds 250 million liters (66 million gallons) of seawater.

The pool, developed by Chilean company Crystal Lagoons, uses water pumped, filtered, cleaned by the best cleaners sold today and treated from the Pacific Ocean to supply to the pool.

While early estimates put the total cost of construction at about US$ 3.5 million (€2.8 million) for the pool alone, more recent, and perhaps accurate estimates are in the area of $1.5 to 2 billion USD total for construction and almost $4 million USD in annual maintenance.

Location: Algarrobo, Chile

Sources: Wikipedia, imgur.

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