10 Most Beautiful Castles In Europe

Have you ever thought about the reason why castles are so appealing to travelers? Is it the majesty or, most likely, the ability to travel back in time that draws people to it? It would be impossible to imagine Europe’s history without castles scattered throughout Europe, spanning different eras and architectural styles. And isn’t it amazing that all you need for immersing in another century is choosing a castle you like the most and grabbing a ticket on one of the Europe trains to get there? It seems that now it’s high time for you to learn about the most beautiful castles in Europe.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is the most iconic and most famous castle in Germany. However, it is not just the castle itself that is spectacular, but also its surroundings. As you look out at the nearby forest and mountains, it’s easy to believe you’ve suddenly wandered into a fairytale. Furthermore, Disney’s cartoon castle, “Sleeping Beauty,” was also inspired by this castle.

2. Château de Chambord, France

This world-famous French Renaissance castle is known for its fusion of French medieval architecture and classical Renaissance structure, thus making it recognizable anywhere in the world. What is more, there is a high probability that Leonardo da Vinci was the architect of Chateau de Chambord, where he lived as the king’s First Painter.

3. Leeds Castle, England

Leeds Castle is known for being called the loveliest castle in the world. And it’s not for nothing! This title is well deserved. The castle is located on two islands in a magnificent lake. Once you reach the castle, you’re absorbed in the magical atmosphere, and it feels as if you’ve entered a parallel universe. Due to the mysterious fog that envelops the lake and everything around it, you cannot but believe that you are in a fairytale.

4. Bran Castle, Romania

Bran castle is known for its spectacular view, picturesque position, fabulous architecture, and also for being called Dracula’s Castle due to its historical legend. Though there is no evidence for that, visiting the castle, you have no doubts that this place has something magical that is so appealing and a little bit frightening at the same time.

5. The Palace of Pena, Portugal

The Pena Palace is an excellent example of 19th-century Romanticism. It stands on the top of a hill in the Sintra Mountains, thus there is a good view of Sintra. Visiting the Pena Palace, you get the chance to take a walk in Pena Park, where you can see such exotic trees as sequoia, lawson’s cypress, magnolia, and others.

6. Bled Castle, Slovenia

Bled Castle is another Disney-like castle that stands on a hill, surrounded by clouds all year round. To get there, you should climb your way up the forest trail. But be sure that it is definitely worth viewing this fantastic scenery.

7. Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark

One more Renaissance castle which is worth visiting is Frederiksborg Castle. There you can see not only the castle itself but also visit the Danish Museum of National History and take a stroll in the exuberant gardens, for which this palace is renowned.

8. Alcazar of Segovia, Spain

Get the essence of medieval times by taking a walk through the halls and secret passageways, the museum, and towers overlooking Segovia’s town square. Prepare to be surprised by stained glass windows, polished suits of armor, lavish dining, and dancing halls.

9. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

It’s hard to overlook the beauty of Eilean Donan Castle in the midst of Scotland’s countless stone castles and ancient ruins. This isn’t just because of its picturesque bridge and moss-covered walls, but also because of its fascinating setting among the lochs in the Highlands.

10. Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland

Located on a rock on the banks of Geneva, the castle will amaze you with idyllic scenery and fabulous interiors, which is a true invitation to immerse yourself in its history. Additionally, Chateau de Chillon, like many other magnificent castles, served as an inspiration for Disney’s cartoon.
All in all, visiting a castle might be the easiest way to travel back in time and feel the atmosphere of another century. There are hundreds of other castles on the list, so don’t miss the chance to travel back in time and start planning your perfect itinerary for your next trip.

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