Everlasting Sunlight at Villa Girasole, Italy’s Rotating House

Located near Verona of Northern Italy, this unique piece of architecture was named after the sunflower. Designed and owned by architect Angelo Invernizzi, the project was completed in 1935 after four years of construction. The structure of the house is rotating using a special mechanism on a turntable. It follows the movements of the sun and allows much sunlight into the home throughout the day.

The idea behind this house was conceived during a time, when it was believed that the sun’s rays provided many health benefits and helped to heal diseases such as tuberculosis. Invernizzi, who was formerly a railway engineer, used his knowledge of railroad turntable mechanisms to construct the home. The house consists of two two-story wings, which have several rooms built within them. They rotate with the help of railcar wheel mounts, powered by diesel motors.

Occupants of the house can easily rotate the house as they wish using a built-in switch.

Creating this piece of architectural genius was not an easy task. Invernizzi had to quickly adapt and change construction materials, as cracks began to form along the structure caused by vibrations of the rotating mechanism. Nevertheless, the end product was a fantastic achievement. Invernizzis family was able to enjoy the warm sunny rays all day. The house served as a unique summer retreat, which attracted all sorts of visitors. It came equipped with a concrete swimming pool, a tennis court as well as a bountiful garden. The lush countryside greenery surrounds the home, creating a great view of the landscape at any time of the day.

Despite being built in the mid-1930’s, Villa Girasole still receives many visitors. So, if you’re in town and are in need of a little sunlight, you know exactly where to go.

Address: Via Mezzavilla, 1, 37036 Marcellise VR, Italy

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