5 Common Travel Insurance Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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Going on a voyage to another country or an exotic destination is meant to be fun and exciting. Many people would save their money for months or even years just to spend on a luxury cruise or a tour of Europe and Asia by themselves, with loved ones, or friends. Most of the time, these trips go as planned without a hitch.

But, some seem to forget to save money for travel insurance. Unforeseen events may happen and turn your adventures into misadventures if you’re unprepared for travel. Not having to worry about the costs of unexpected delays, hospitalization, and other incidents is one of the main reasons for getting an insurance.

But, before you get travel protection coverage for you and your family, here are some of the common travel insurance mistakes and how to avoid them:

Failing To Get One

Most people save money for their airfare, accommodation, and even shopping expenses during their dream vacation abroad. But, some seem to forget to save money for travel insurance, thinking that such coverage is a waste of hard-earned cash. Well, statistics will, indeed, show you that majority of the time, your trip will be smooth, and you’ll not need to file an insurance claim.

But, there may be a slim chance that you’ll experience delays, lost baggage, or other minor inconveniences that could put a hole in your wallet. Don’t think that going on a cruise across the Atlantic will spare you from risks just because you’re on a big ship. It would help if you had travel insurance no matter what mode of transport you use on your vacation. It’s always prudent to have vacation protection coverage when traveling abroad.

Buying The Cheapest Insurance Available

Another mistake that travelers commit is buying the cheapest insurance available. There’s nothing wrong with low-priced coverage for as long as you know the conditions of your contract. Often, such policies have high deductibles. So, if you’re just getting the most affordable to save on upfront costs, then you should be prepared for the consequences in case you suddenly need to make a claim.

It’s worth noting, however, that no matter what travel insurance you get, there are many factors that affect insurance costs. For example, your age, the total travel cost, the places you’re going to, and the number of persons going on the trip with you can all influence how much you’ll pay for your travel insurance.

Buying Insurance Coverage Late

Some people only buy insurance when they think they’ll need one. They probably believe that they’re saving money by doing it. However, it’s tough to trick insurance companies. So, for example, you arrived at your destination, and suddenly there’s a weather bulletin saying there might be a hurricane passing your way. If you get travel insurance only upon hearing such news, your insurance cost may be exorbitant, or you may even get denied when you make a claim due to such weather disturbance. So, when it comes to travel coverage, don’t buy late.

Failing To Know What’s Included in The Coverage

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Don’t assume that everything that could happen to you during your trip will be covered or reimbursed when you secure travel insurance. If you want some peace of mind during holidays, you need to know what is included in your plan. Here are common types of travel insurance coverage available:

  • Trip Cancellation / Interruption
  • Flight Protection
  • Baggage Coverage
  • Medical Insurance

Making Assumptions About Travel Insurance

Many travelers make assumptions about what is covered by their insurance, and they only realize their folly when it’s time to make a claim. To avoid getting unpleasantly surprised during your travel, you should carefully read your insurance plan. Even if you’re getting comprehensive travel insurance, it still pays to know what you’re covered for precisely so that you can seek add-ons in case you need them.

Here are some of the things that many people think are automatically covered but may not be part of an insurance plan:

  • Trip cancellation for any reason – Although comprehensive insurance usually allows trip cancellation, the acceptable reasons are few. So, if you want to recoup your money when you cancel your trip regardless of reason, get a Cancel For Any Reason protection.
  • Adventure – Spelunking, bungee jumping, and even open sea kayaking may be considered risky by your insurance provider, and accidents due to these activities may not be covered. So, you may opt for add-on coverage.
  • Valuables – Limit for theft coverage usually cannot cover the cost of expensive cameras, gadgets, and jewelry. So, if you’re bringing valuables during your trip, be prepared to pay more for full coverage.

Final Thoughts

Getting travel insurance should be on the list of priorities for anyone who plans to travel away from home. But, it’s not simply about buying any insurance plan being offered to you. For a truly worry-free vacation, you might want to avoid the common mistakes and misconceptions about taking up insurance coverage during your trip.

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