6 Reasons Why You Should Always Pre-book Your Tours

Our vacations are meant to be the highlight of the year, yet many people spend little time preparing for them. How often have you been left to wander around a city aimlessly, not knowing what to do or where to go? Tourist attractions are often crowded and it can be difficult to know which ones are worth visiting and when is the best time to go. This is why you should always pre-book your tours! Here are 6 reasons why this will make your trips more enjoyable.

1. You Have More Time To Research

Don’t leave it till you get there, taking your chances alongside everyone else. When you book your vacation beforehand there will often be the opportunity to select some optional tours. It can be a great way to discover what’s available and to create your itinerary in advance. Many people allow a few free days in between trips so they can enjoy the locality in which they are staying, relaxing and unwinding. It is best to research your options and book upfront because trips often sell out quickly. If you’re dealing with a travel agency and they don’t mention optional excursions, make sure you ask for details.

Many helpful web pages can assist you while you do your research. If you’re interested in visiting sites you can often book tours and activities at exclusive prices, whether it’s New York, Rome, Barcelona, Florence, Seville, London, Paris, or Venice. There are often helpful city guides online, and websites featuring the top tours and activities (e.g. The Empire State Building, the Vatican Museum, The Colosseum, Washington day trips, or various games and show tickets).

2. You Avoid The Queues

Time is at a premium when you’re on holiday. You will want to avoid waiting in long lines trying to book an excursion when you should be making the most of your vacation. By booking online in advance you won’t have to queue for hours on end with no guarantees that you’ll actually have a place at the end of it.

Pre-booking your tour also gets priority treatment when it comes to boarding times, and you don’t have to arrive hours earlier to secure your ticket. There may be two entrances in operation – one to buy tickets and another where you have pre-bought and can just walk straight through. Your tour guides will be happier dealing with people who already have a place booked because they know there will be fewer angry or disappointed customers.

3. You Guarantee A Place

If you’ve paid for your entire itinerary before you go on vacation, you’ll have fewer things to sort when you arrive and you’ll experience greater peace of mind. No one wants to be stressed on holiday because it defeats the purpose. Pre-bookers won’t be disappointed if the tour is sold out – they will always have a seat reserved. Whilst others may be getting shut out of popular attractions you will feel like royalty as you walk right in and receive first-class treatment.

If you book in advance you’ll have secured the best seats, as opposed to those who buy boarding passes at the last minute. This could mean there’ll be no standing for your or your fellow holiday-makers. If you have young children the payoffs will be even greater – they will be less likely to become tired or grumpy! One other key benefit to booking beforehand is that it’s easy to change or cancel your reservation if something comes up. If you need to amend the dates or get a refund, it’s easy to do online with a few simple clicks of a button.

4. It’s Cheaper

Vacations can be expensive activities, so any opportunity to save money is well worth doing. It’s cheaper to book in advance – not only are special deals made available to those who book early but certain packages may not even be offered unless the booking is done well in advance.
You should be aware that the earlier you book the better the prices will be. Pre-booking ensures you won’t miss out on any special offers or discounts and it helps you avoid last-minute booking fees.

5. You Can Plan Your Day Around It

It’s important to choose a tour that suits your interests, whether you’re going alone, as a couple or family – or with friends. If everyone feels part of the decision making they will look forward to everything a lot more, and be less likely to complain or become bored. Sit down together and view all the possible excursions. If there is something you personally want to attend, consider booking something else to suit your fellow holidaymakers on the same day or close to it. You won’t want to do anything on the day you arrive, but after that, it’s all an exciting possibility.
Advanced bookers get the best time slots. This may help them avoid bottlenecks when everyone else is around, struggling to queue, or viewing the same attractions as you. If the numbers are more manageable, there will be less chance of anyone getting lost during the day. Once again this is especially key for parents of young children.

6. You Get A Guided Tour

One of the biggest benefits of booking your tours in advance is that you get to work with a tour guide and not just wander around on your own. They will know the area intimately, including the opening hours for the various attractions. Tour guides can make sure you see all there is to see and don’t waste your time in the wrong places. They will be able to explain the historical aspects or list the different birds and animals around you. You can ask questions as you go along, and there may even be a guided commentary throughout.

As you can see there is a compelling list of reasons why it’s valuable to pre-book your tours. You will be securing your comfort, enjoyment, and happy memories. For a little extra time and trouble, the payoffs will contribute to an experience that may be once in a lifetime.


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