7 Unique Places To Spend Your Honeymoon In


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If you and your partner enjoy experiences that are out of the ordinary, you might be wondering which honeymoon destination suits your personalities and interests. A general search of honeymoon destinations often yields results commonly frequented by couples, and these places may not be too intriguing for you.

As an alternative, take a look at these seven unique places instead. Make sure to plan your trip with vacation rentals for a hassle-free process to reach your ideal destination!

1. Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

Skylodge hotel dining room

This destination is a honeymoon place that’s enjoyable for thrill-seeking couples. If you both thrive on adrenalin, then Peru is a place to consider. Try staying at Skylodge Adventure Suites, which hangs off a cliff that’s 1,200 feet above the ground. If the idea of hanging off a cliff sounds insane, imagine what it feels like to experience this sensation through glass windows. You will be constantly reminded of the laws of gravity, and this will get your blood rushing. Accompanying the adrenalin is the relaxation that comes with soaking in the majestic landscape that surrounds you.

2. Makepeace Island, Australia

Makepeace island

Maybe you seek an exclusive, A-list type of honeymoon. Maybe a taste of the celebrity life characterized by private getaways is an experience you and your partner have always admired. If so, then you can spend your honeymoon at Makepeace Island in Australia. This is an island that’s exclusively for the two of you, and is shaped like a heart. You can bask in your privacy while enjoying intimate activities such as wine-tasting and river cruises that lead you to a champagne and dinner space under the sunset. The world will indeed revolve around just the two of you.

3. Disneyland, USA


Disneyland is a great honeymoon destination for the couple who wants to treat their inner child. You can be carefree while reminiscing about your youthful times as you try the fun rides in the theme parks. Mickey Mouse, candy floss, stuffed animals, and ice cream make for a honeymoon that’s free of the adult expectations that everyday life presents. This honeymoon experience will definitely be one highlight of your relationship.

4. Hammerfest, Norway

Hammerfest is the place to be if you want to share a kiss under the literal midnight sun. For 76 days, the sun doesn’t set in this place, even when the clock strikes midnight. This is a concept that’s hard to grasp if you have never experienced it, so why not see it for yourselves? Enjoy a helicopter ride over the landscapes that promise possible sightings of polar bears. You can also grab your hiking shoes and enjoy trekking on mountains and terraces under the midnight sun.

5. Budapest, Hungary

Buda Castle

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to taste a few seconds of royalty romance? You can live like a king and queen in Budapest by soaking in the view of the majestic Buda Castle. Other architectural gems found all over Budapest will further play into your royalty romance while taking serene walks across the bridges. Your days can end in a royal experience of opera shows and musical performances.

6. Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Alnwick Castle

For Harry Potter fanatics, you can weave yourselves into the stories by experiencing the Harry Potter film location set in this castle. The Chamber of Secrets won’t have to be left to your imagination any longer as it becomes a visible reality. There are no limits as to how you can re-write the script and include yourselves in it. You will also be surrounded by museums where your imagination will continue to enjoy the histories and tales attached to various displays and exhibits.

7. Chalkley Treehouse, Sabi Sand

Chalkley Treehouse, Sabi Sand

Nature lovers would love to experience Chalkley Treehouse in Sabi Sand. The treehouse lodges are in a National Park and surrounded by wildlife. The adventure of having to cohabit with wildlife further adds to the thrill and adventure of it all. Enjoy the relaxing setting of nature and beautiful creatures of the wild, as well as activities such as kayaking and safari drives.


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For a unique honeymoon, couples are advised to travel to places that suit their preferences and personalities. Adrenalin seekers will want to enjoy a destination like our Peru suggestion, while privacy-focused couples will prefer having a whole island to themselves like in our Australian pick. Different kinds of couples will also interact differently with their honeymoon destinations, so plan well and plan smart. While it’s good to consult travel guides, your best itinerary will have to be in sync with the itinerary of your eternal travel buddy–your partner. So, make sure to explore good tourist packages and rental savings deals to have the best honeymoon experience ever.

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