Waking up with a view: the Skylodge hotel – a glass capsule 400ft high hanged on a cliff

Whenever somebody hears the word ‘Peru,’ the first thing that comes to their mind is the astounding views of this unique land – and now those who are brave enough can enjoy it more than ever. Natura Vive Skylodge is a concept designed to provide visitors with incredible sensations while providing a high level of comfort. And for those willing to pay £200 per night and who are in good physical shape, the trip is totally worth it.

The experience starts off at the bottom of a Peruvian cliff. From here, tourists must climb up to 400 feet in order to get to one of the three capsules available. Each capsule is made of glass and fixed on the cliff using steel cables and bars. Inside, there is enough room for two people to spend the night comfortably in a matrimonial bed. Along with it, there is an ecological bathroom and even a couple of curtains – just in case someone might get intimidated by birds.

The luxurious and comfortable suite is equipped with four ventilation ducts. However, if you want to stretch your legs and breathe the morning air out in the wild, you can go ‘on the roof’ through the top exit on the wooden small space placed above the capsule.

As the sun goes down, tourists can enjoy dinner and wine while watching the sunset over the Peruvian valley. Then again, in the morning, partners can serve breakfast on top of the world – literally. Finally, the trip ends with another exciting experience: travelling by zip-line all the way to the bottom of the cliff. Overall, it seems that the Natura Viva Skylodge truly is a unique manner of enjoying the wilderness of Peru.

Location: Pista 224 km. Urubamba-Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Peru
















Photos via dailymail.co.uk, Instagram.


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