A Man-Made Waterfall Is China’s New Landmark

Recently, China added new landmark to its must see destinations. In Kunming, Yunnan province, China revealed a remarkable man-made waterfall measuring 1,300ft wide. It is able to divert around 10 million cubic feet of water from the local Niulan River into Dianchi Lake. It took three years to construct the waterfall and cost 1.1 billion Chinese Yuan ($117 million). Although, the waterfall is an eye pleasing sight, it has been designed to provide water during emergencies. Reportedly, China’s 60 per cent of underground water is polluted, so people in overpopulated urban areas have to boil the water or buy it bottled to ensure its safety. Construction of the waterfall is a huge step in readiness for potential water shortages in the future. Nonetheless, it is expected to be a new tourist attraction site for south-west China.

– via dailymail.co.uk.






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