Bubble Houses, Florida

The Bubble Houses are two historic bubble or airform houses located next to each other in Florida.

Completed in 1954 by Air-form, the Bubble Houses were designed by Eliot Noyes using the airform monolithic dome system developed by Wallace Neff, which consists of reinforced concrete cast in place over an inflated balloon to establish the house’s shape.

The original interiors of the houses consisted of a bathroom and open concept living, dining, and kitchen area on the 569 square feet (52.9 m2) main floor, with a loft-style, raised sleeping space above.

They were built to sell for $6,500. Shortly after their completion, it was stated that more than 3,000 people had toured the newly constructed bubble houses.

The two bubble houses were featured in Life magazine in its February 22, 1954, issue, which described them as “both hurricane-proof and bugproof”.

Location: 9086 and 9096 Southeast Venus Street, Zeus Park neighborhood, Hobe Sound, Martin County, Florida, USA.

Sources: Wikipedia.

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