Get your vibe check at Cambridge’s Reality Checkpoint

Situated right smack in the middle of several footpaths, within the Cambridge area near Parker’s Piece field, the Reality Checkpoint may seem like an unassuming cast-iron lamp post. There are many theories, as to why this seemingly normal lamp post earned its namesake.

A common theory states, that the Reality Checkpoint received its in the 1960s, from a group of university students, studying at Anglia Ruskin University. This post signified the barrier, between the university area and the seemingly “reality” of the real world beyond that point.

Reality Checkpoint up close

In a more practical sense though, since the post is in an open field with no other surrounding landmark, it could have been used as a guide to navigating the area on foggy nights. Or, even a checkpoint for students to meet up after a particularly hard night of university parties and drinks.

Either way, the scenery of an unassuming stray lamp post out in the vastness of an open field, would definitely serve as a bizarre landscape for a curious tourist to uncover.

Cambridge, England, CB1 1PN
United Kingdom

Reality Checkpoint up close

Reality Checkpoint inscription

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