Things to check before staying in Padstow cottages

Padstow, the historic town and fishing port on the north coast of Cornwall in England, has a relaxed aura about it. Beaches, cliffs and attractions such as the Camel Trail, Prideaux Place, and St. George’s Cove punctuate its landscape. However, its main attraction is the lively Padstow Harbour, where ships sit contentedly beside each other, carrying passengers in and out of Camel Estuary. You could cycle the Camel Trail, hike to the Stepper’s Point, attend the Obby Oss festival, and much more. It also offers some splendid accommodation options for tourists, such as Padstow cottages that enjoy superb locations and places you in the lap of luxury with their incredible amenities. It gives you a feeling of homeliness from the moment you enter. Although each cottage is an island of pleasure, they are different in some ways, such as their features, amenities and prices. Before you book one of these lovely cottages for your next holiday to Padstow, these are some things you ought to consider.

What facilities do they offer?

Even though each cottage will have different facilities from the other, all of them must have a set of standard facilities that make your stay enjoyable. Check if the cottage has a central heating system, dishwasher, gas and electricity (included in some accommodations), ironing facilities, entertainment options such as a DVD player, smart TV, WiFi and parking facilities. You could also check whether the lodge has a garden, patio or courtyard. However, all cottages will usually have a central heating system with a hot water supply because the temperature in Padstow varies between 5 degrees to 20 degrees Celsius, where the summers are comfortable and winters are cold and wet.

Do they accept dogs or other pets?

Would you want to leave your pets behind while you’re having a good time? It will also be a mistake not to bring your pet to Padstow because there are plenty of pet-friendly activities on offer. You could take them to the beaches around Hawkers Cove, visit the National Lobster Hatchery with your dog, spend some quality time by the harbour, take a stroll with your dog in the Prideaux Place’s gardens, and even walk the camel trail with your furry friend. Since this town is so open to pets, you must ask the cottage whether they accept pets within their premises or not, and if they take them, what are the related terms and conditions? If you have many dogs, you must enquire beforehand how many you can bring along with you, since some cottages permit the entry of two dogs, while some may even allow up to three dogs within their premises.

Is it easily accessible?

The cottage should have easy accessibility, both from Cornwall and inside the premises. Padstow is located about 13 miles from Cornwall Airport Newquay and takes about 22 minutes by car. You could also take a bus or train ride from Bodmin Parkway station, located about 20 miles away. Before booking your accommodation, check how far it is from the station or the central part of the town, and how long it would take you to reach it. The lodge should also provide easy accessibility within its premises. For instance, you might find it problematic if you have to walk a lot to reach your room or the courtyard garden.

How many bedrooms do they have?

It is advisable to check the number of bedrooms in an accommodation, to avoid inconvenience for everybody later on. Even though most lodges in Padstow consist of two bedrooms along with two attached bathrooms, the bed’s size might vary in them. For example, the first bedroom might have a king-size bed measuring about five feet, while the second bedroom might offer twin beds measuring three feet.

What experiences are on offer?

Although you will find your stay pleasant in all the Padstow cottages, you must check the experiences on offer since those will differ from one to another. You might find some houses close to the beach, while others might be situated in the old town or near the harbour. You could also check whether the rooms offer wide-open views of the landscape because this quaint town has colourful, lively, historical, and dreamy sights that would make you pause and wonder. For photographers, it is a haven.

Read the customer testimonials

Read the customer testimonials and check what other guests think of the accommodation and whether they were satisfied with their stay or not. Reading the reviews given by other guests will help you form an idea about a cottage and its popularity.

You will enjoy a smoother and hassle-free experience if you check these details before booking any Padstow cottages. The town has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing and entertainment, and it is only befitting that your accommodation experience should be fun-filled and memorable.

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