Camp Adventure: Spiraling Observation Tower in Copenhagen

It is not always easy to create an attraction, while preserving a forest. However, a Danish firm EFFEKT found a solution and came up with a sculptural treetop viewing tower. It is located in Haslev, the Gisselfeld Klosters Skove forest, which is just about 38 miles from Copenhagen.

Even though the forest is privately owned, it is open to the general public until sunset. The forests landscape is generally hilly, which is an unusual occurrence in this particular area. Also, it has numerous natural elements: wetlands, water cliffs, creeks, streams, and lakes.

The forest observation tower is over 147 feet, so visitors can freely walk and immerse themselves into the stunning Danish nature. The spiraling observation tower is connected to a forest walkway, which is about half a mile long and begins from Camp Adventure Farmhouse. The route to the tower was designed by EFFEKT, in order to cause the minimum environmental disruption. That is while still allowing the visitors to experience the oldest forest and view water features along the route.

The route is divided into 2 passageways: the high route and the low route. The low route and the high observation tower are positioned in the younger areas of the forest. The elevated boardwalk has numerous rest stops, which provide a great opportunity for visitors to learn and understand more about their surroundings. The spiraling tower is located at the end of the route.

The shape of the tower is curved, so viewers are presented with an enhanced and unique treetop viewing experience. The 360-degree panoramic views enable better contact with the canopy of the forest and the surrounding areas.

The structural elements of the tower have been built using corten steel, also referred to as weathering steel. Since, this steel is able to harmoniously blend with the forest colors and natural elements. The boardwalk surface is made using timber harvested from the forest.

Camp Adventure, where the Treetop Experience is located, is an existing sports facility. It offers treetop adventure courses: a canopy tour (aerial zip lines) and treetop climbing paths. If you want to experience something new, then you definitely have to visit this largest climbing park in Denmark. The tower was opened to the public on March 31, 2019.

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Address: Denderupvej 9A, 4690 Haslev, Denmark
Official website.

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