The Art of Glamping in Private Property

Glamping, a blend of glamor and camping, is not a new concept. Resorts and hotels offer this type of activity to their guests who want to have a unique camping experience. The popularity of glamping can be attributed to the rising interest of people wanting to connect to nature without sacrificing the conveniences they are used to. 

The industry is estimated to be worth $2.1 billion in 2018. The compound average growth rate is seen to hit 12.9% every year through 2025.

Now, apart from resorts and hotels, landowners also offer their properties for private camping.

The distinct advantage of booking your glamping trip with these private lands, instead of high-end resorts, is the cost. It will only cost you a quarter of the budget that you would need if you book a hotel or resort. 

What Customers Cannot Do Without in Clamping

California, Washington, New York, Texas, and Colorado top the list of states with the greatest number of residents who prefer glamping than camping. The main reason for taking a trip is to de-stress and spend time with family. And for other amazing choices, customers can check out camping sites in Britain

But what do guests include in their wish list when they go glamping?

The facilities should include internet access, at least one toilet or shower, electricity, and refrigerator or washing machine.

As conveniences go, you can admit that customers are not asking for too much. Hotels and resorts leverage their facilities to offer glamping as an experience. Typically, they allocate a specific area within their property to pitch a tent. Guests can sleep close to the beach or by nature. However, they are still close to the hotel to use the toilets and the shower area.

Best of Both Worlds

Glamping offers guests the best of both worlds. You can do what you have always wanted to when you’re outdoors; you can kayak, paddleboard, swim, hike, trek, and explore the woods. 

You can build a bonfire and roast marshmallows on a stick to make s’mores. You can share horror stories over the campfire or sing songs. You can even take a battery powered tv with you and enjoy a movie outdoors with your family.

The common misconception is that you can only do glamping in hotels and resorts. However, private camping services can still offer you the modern conveniences that you crave but in a more remote setting. The experience is more natural because you do not bump into other resort guests. 

In most instances, you would be alone with your family or your partner. While glamping is an option, you would enjoy the outdoors more when you go bare-bones camping. It means you go off the grid as there is no Wi-Fi. You also have no access to a hot bath, and you need to cook your own meals. Admittedly, this experience is reserved for the more adventurous tourists. 

For families with small kids, glamping sounds more appealing than bare-bones camping.

Nevertheless, there are private camping services where the company takes care of everything. When you arrive, a tent gets pitched for you. The guests also have access to all amenities and small luxuries that remind them of a resort. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce their small children to the outdoors. Children also avoid developing culture shock, especially if they have been living in the urban jungle all their lives.

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