Cono de Arita: Surreal Pyramid of Argentina

The Salar de Arizaro is home to one of the most spectacular natural formations Cono de Arita. At first glance it looks like a pyramid, but it is all natural volcano, which sits on a bed of salt.
The cone stands over 400 ft above the sea of salt.

There are many questions regarding the cone’s origin, but some legends and archeological clues indicate, that the natural formation could have been used as a ceremonial center prior to the arrival of Incas.

The place is mysterious and surreal, but getting there is not easy. If you manage to ignore the bumpy road, you can enjoy observing alien landscapes and the High Andes Range on the horizon. After getting to the destination, visitors need to cross the Arizano Salt Flat, before reaching the cone.

The place is worth visit, if you are happen to be in Argentina. Local guides will provide an excellent tours.

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