Crystal Clear Waters at Ginnie Springs, Florida

Located near the acclaimed Santa Fe river, the crystal clear waters of Ginnie Springs remain at a constant temperature all year round. It’s a charming spot that has attracted swimmers, snorkelers and casual tourist from all over. It’s especially known as a snorkelers’ haven with various networks of underwater caves to explore, ranging from various levels of difficulties. Ginnie is also a fairly easy snorkelling spot for beginners as well.

Ginnie Springs

For those who are more content to admire the sparkling waters from afar, Ginnie Springs also has various land-based recreational activities for the whole family to enjoy as well. Volleyball courts and camping sites are ready to be reserved at any time. Besides diving deep and exploring the vast networks of underwater caves, there’s plenty to do on the surface of the clear waters as well. Spend a languid time floating across the warm springs on innertubes, go kayaking or even rent a canoe or paddleboard. There are equipment rentals available with the exception of snorkelling gear at the moment, so you can come over empty-handed and just pick how you choose to enjoy the water and have fun.

Ginnie Springs, Florida

If camping’s more of your thing, you’ll be spoilt for choices with the various options available. From traditional campsites with amazing riverside views to fully-equipped electric and water hook-ups for your RVs. Do note that you need to be 18 and above to reserve a campsite without a parent or guardian, and they check for IDs upon entrance. The campsites are also not pet-friendly so leave your animal companion at home.

If you’re not so much of a fan of camping but want to stay close to the springs, the Ginnie Cottage is also available for rental which can house a group of travellers and is fitted with all the facilities you will need during your stay as your home away from home.

The main attraction of Ginnie Springs, however, definitely has to be its diving spots. There are three diving systems across the springs; the Devil’s Spring System, the Ginnie Ballroom, and the Santa Fe River. The Devil’s Spring system is made up of three different springs, the Devil’s Eye, Devil’s Ear and Litte Devil. Unless you’re a professional and licensed diver, there is a strict no lights rule and you won’t be able to bring a diving light with you. However, for beginners or those who aren’t used to navigating the dimly lit waters, the Ginnie Ballroom basin would be a better fit. All three systems provide different, yet equally stunning underwater views as the light from the surface scatters across the underwater caves. If you’re an avid snorkeler, it’s best that you take the opportunity to explore all three systems and see the difference for yourself.

Ginnie Springs diving

Ginnie Springs underwater

Ginnie Springs underwater

If you’re planning on visiting the springs at this time, it’s best to come prepared with your own personal diving equipment as rentals have paused for the time being due to the current situation. Besides that, Ginnie Springs gladly welcomes visitors to come experience the clear waters and wonders of the outdoors in riverside bliss.

Address: 7300 Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, Florida 32643, United States

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