Devil’s Bridge: Arizona’s Wickedly Beautiful Arch

Sedona is home to some of the most breathtaking red rock formations on the planet. Devil’s Bridge—which appears to the untrained eye as a delicate arch which could easily crumble—is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Western United States. In April and May, visitors will sometimes wait for over an hour to have their pictures taken standing atop the narrow natural rock bridge which is thankfully much sturdier than it appears.

Devil’s Bridge offers a spectacular view of Sedona’s red rock mountains, hearty desert plants, and rusty colors. Visitors standing in the center of Devil’s Bridge can get a sense of the true majesty of the Western United States. Even visitors who are wary of standing on a slim red rock arch far above the ground can admire the beauty of Devil’s Bridge from a safe distance.

There are a few different ways to reach Devil’s Bridge. Since Devil’s Bridge is so popular, parking can be a slight challenge. There is a roomy parking lot near the Dry Creek Vista Trailhead, and numerous overflow parking spots along nearby roads. Hikers can follow the Mescal or Chuck Wagon Trail to the Devil’s Bridge Trail. Virtually all of the trails are accessible to hikers of all ability levels. It is vitally important to wear sturdy hiking shoes. Dusty desert trails can easily camouflage slick rocks that can result in injury if you’re wearing shoes without proper traction.

If you have never visited the desert, Devil’s Bridge is the ideal spot to bask in the beauty of an arid landscape. The sound of the wind gently blowing, the smell of rock and pine, and the bright blue Western sky overhead are things one must experience in order to fully appreciate. Devil’s Bridge offers one of the most celebrated vantage points in the West.

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