Effective Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel With You

Wouldn’t it be a big bummer if your partner denies going on a trip with you just because they don’t like to travel? How would you feel if you had to miss a trip that you were eagerly looking forward to just because your partner was not going to join you? It’s not really a very good idea to choose a holiday or a vacation over your partner.

So the ideal thing is to try and convince your partner to join you on holiday. If you think that to be a difficult task, you are in the right spot as we have gathered a few tips on how to convince your partner to go with you on vacation. Once they have agreed to go on the trip, it doesn’t matter if the vacation is long or short. Read on to know more.

Tell Them About Best Affordable Holiday Packages

If you talk about traveling a lot with your partner, it will be easier for you to know why they don’t want to travel. You might discover that the cost of the trip is holding your partner back from going along on the holiday, but they might not want to reveal this in front of others due to fear of being judged. This is more common among unmarried couples as the individual financial statuses are still private till this point.

If you suspect this is happening, you need to have an open conversation with your partner. Explore different travel options that won’t necessarily dent the wallet. You should discuss with them different tour packages that offer discounts. Discussing the matter of expense freely gives you a better chance of convincing your partner to go on holiday with you.

Talk About Your Individual Interests

You must talk to your partner about their interests. Knowing them will enable you to better suggest a holiday they will be eager to go on. If you don’t know your partner’s idea of a great vacation, you stand no chance of convincing them to go along with you. Let them know about your ideas for the perfect vacation too. If your partner loves you, they will surely agree to make those dreams come true for you. You can also provide your partner with some meaningful travel quotes to get them in the traveling mood.

Discuss The Recent Vacations Of Your Friends

Many people might have sleeping interests that require an outside stimulus to awaken. A great stimulus can be Facebook posts of your friends going on vacation. You can discuss your friends’ experiences. This will be a great way to convince your partner to come on vacation.

If you don’t directly want to show your friend’s travel posts to your partner, just comment on their photos or posts; this way, your partner will get those posts on her news feed. This is a great way to indirectly show your partner how much fun your friends are having traveling.

Be Prepared To Do All The Planning

Your partner might not be into planning much. This might contribute to them not wanting to travel as it requires a lot of planning. If this is the case, you must let them know you will take charge of all the planning. Most of the planning goes into the travel accommodation arrangements. Assure your partner that you will take care of it all. When it comes to convincing your partner to go on a trip with you, taking care of all the planning and preparations is the most significant thing you can do.

Go On A Romantic Date With Your Spouse

Where you travel for your vacation is not as crucial; what matters is who you are traveling with. If you want to encourage your partner to travel, take them out to an exotic, beautifully decorated restaurant for a romantic date. If your spouse is having a good time on the date with you, just hint around the idea of a trip subtly during the date. The great time on the date will encourage your partner to keep it going by traveling with you on vacation. This way, you are making the romantic date a teaser for the lovely vacation to come.

Try To Mitigate The Fears Of Your Partner

Find out if your partner has any fears, such as fear of heights or water. You must mitigate these fears before you even bring up the topic of going on a trip. For instance, planning a vacation near the sea might not be a good idea if your partner fears water. Similarly, planning a vacation on a hill station will not be a good idea if your partner fears heights.

Start With Shorter Trips

Another great way to encourage your partner is by taking them on shorter trips within the city first. Look for spiritual or adventure travel opportunities in the town, depending on what your partner is into, as these have more appeal. If your partner ends up having a great time, they will surely want to do it more often, and that is when you can sell them on wanting to take a more extensive vacation to continue the feeling.

Summing Up

Your partner is the first person you want to go with on any vacation or holiday. But if that partner is unwilling to go, it sure dampens the mood for the whole trip. There are several ways you can effectively convince your partner to go with you and travel for the vacation. The steps mentioned above will make it much easier for you to convince your partner why traveling with you on holiday is the best thing they can do. Best of luck and bon voyage.

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