El Nido de Quetzalcoatl: Mexico’s Beautiful Snake Nest

Hearing the words “snake nest” when you’re planning your latest vacation is more than a little off-putting. However, architect Javier Senosiain’s colorful, modern snake-shaped apartment complex will endear you to snakes for the rest of time. Inspired by the feathered Aztec snake god Quetzalcoatl, Senosiain created an eco-conscious architectural marvel that will inspire you to celebrate the nights that you spend literally sleeping in the belly of the beast.

El Nido de Quetzalcóatl

El Nido de Quetzalcoatl—or Quetzalcoatl’s Nest—features snake-shaped caverns, walkways, and rooms where visitors can spend the night. Quetzalcoatl’s nest is surrounded by forests, ravines, and placid lagoons. Javier Senosiain went to great lengths to integrate the surrounding landscape into Quetzalcoatl Nest’s design. One of Quetzalcoatl Nest’s main entrances is a natural cave which has been fashioned into an iridescent snake mouth adorned with colorful mosaic tiles.

Visitors who book a stay at Quetzalcoatl’s Nest can spend hours wandering snake-shaped pathways, relaxing beneath vibrant stained glass domes, and meditating in one of several artful gardens. One of the most popular rooms in the complex is referred to as The Egg. The Egg is a perfectly white, round room with a comfortable, circular couch where visitors can rest peacefully, concentrate on creative projects, or simply enjoy a bit of silence.

El Nido de Quetzalcóatl

El Nido de Quetzalcóatl

Booking a stay at Quetzalcoatl’s Nest is a unique, immersive experience. Quetzalcoatl was the Aztec god of education and sacred knowledge. An extended stay spent resting, reflecting, and creating inside the fanciful world of Quetzalcoatl’s Nest will revive you and inspire you in ways that few Airbnb bookings can. Quetzalcoatl’s Nest offers a discounted rate for extended stays. If a month in Mexico sounds enticing, consider booking a stay at the plushest, most modern snake nest in the world. Quetzalcoatl Nest’s colorful walkways and luscious forests will make you feel as though you have retreated into a dream.

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