Emerald Lake: British Columbia’s Jewel Toned Lake

There are many bodies of water around the world that claim to have the same vibrant color as a sapphire or emerald. British Columbia’s Emerald Lake—which is situated near several receding glaciers—truly does glow like a precious jewel. A steady stream of fine deposits of glacier dust are largely responsible for Emerald Lake’s brilliant color. When the glacier dust meets Emerald Lake’s crystal clear waters, it reflects light and creates a dazzling display.

Emerald Lake is located in Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies. From November until well into May, Yoho National Park is a winter wonderland that attracts avid skiers. Emerald Lake does freeze solid during the winter months. If you want to view the lake’s jewel tones, it is best to visit during the warmer months of the year.

Emerald Lake is surrounded by hiking trails that allow visitors to explore evergreen forests, fields of wildflowers, and lofty mountains. Bald eagles routinely fly overhead, and loons bob in the lake. Hikers who venture into Yoho National Park’s more secluded areas may stumble upon a bear or a moose.

Visitors are welcome to paddleboard or canoe across Emerald Lake. Paddling across the lake provides a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. Luscious purple wildflowers line Emerald Lake’s shoreline in the summer, and red and gold leaves punctuate the horizon in the fall. Fishing enthusiasts can rent a small boat to fish for iridescent rainbow trout.

The Emerald Lake Lodge offers visitors a cozy spot to drink, dine, and admire Emerald Lake’s beauty year-round. With limited internet and cell phone service, the Emerald Lake Lodge is the perfect locale for a rustic renewal in front of a roaring fireplace. A visit to Emerald Lake at the height of summer will leave you mesmerized by vibrant colors you have only previously seen in dreams.


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