The Rain Vortex: The Tallest Indoor Waterfall in the World

Located in Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore, The Rain Vortex Waterfall is over 130 feet tall. Widest point of the steel and glass bagel-shaped roof is Over 656 feet.

The waterfall was designed by Safdie Architects, as the centerpiece of the airport, with the goal of making Changi airport an attraction and to encourage Singapore leisure travel. The sculpture is the jewel of the airport and Singapore.

The work on The Rain Vortex began in 2014. Safdie has been at the forefront in championing architectural designs, that respond to extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Since Singapore experiences thunderstorms frequently, the seven-story waterfall is supplied by captured or harvested rainwater. The collected rainwater is able to flow at the greenhouse center with an inverted glass dome. About 10,000 gallons of water per minute gets pumped through and is re-used in the installation.

The overhead dome has a thick glass, that absorbs any aircraft noises produced during landing or taking off. The roof was also tested to ensure, that it does not emit reflections, which could potentially distract air traffic controllers.

The waterfall is surrounded by terraces, with more than 200 plant species. The terraced garden is referred to as the Shiseido Forest Valley and it is dotted with small waterfalls.

This glass-encased building does not only serve as a portal to Singapore’s Changi Airport, but also as an entertainment and retail destination. So, whether you are travelling to Singapore or just waiting for a connecting flight, The Rain Vortex is worth seeing.

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