The Fremont Troll: Seattle’s Infamous Bridge Troll

Washington State is full of magical treehouses, luscious ferns, and dormant volcanos that look as though they belong in a fairytale. One of Washington’s most fantastical locales is a once-scuzzy Seattle underpass that is currently inhabited by a large concrete troll.

Fremont Troll

The troll was sculpted by a group of artists in 1990, in an attempt to revitalize a blighted area of the city. The Fremont Troll has a gleaming silver eye, and large hands that clutch an authentic vintage Volkswagen Beetle that looks like a toy engulfed by the troll’s bulbous fingers. Every year, Seattle residents celebrate Troll-o-Ween on October 31st. Troll-o-Ween is a birthday celebration for the Fremont Troll which includes live music and debauchery fit for a mischievous concrete troll.

Fremont Troll

The Fremont Troll has been linked to numerous bizarre incidents, including the appearance of several bloody animal skulls. Authorities speculate that the skulls were meant to quell the troll’s insatiable appetite.


3468-3696 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, Washington, 98103
United States

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