Georgetown Loop Railroad: United States Heritage Railroad

Aerial view of the Georgetown Loop railroad. Photo via

Whether it’s the hectic feeling of the big city, or the silent beauty of nature, the charm of America makes the country a perfect destination for anyone. However, some of the biggest treasures of it aren’t in plain sight. The Georgetown Loop Railroad is a landmark, that shows the outstanding industrial American evolution, while offering an impressive view of the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado may not be the most popular tourist state in the U.S., but one of its railroads creates an incredible illusion. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the Georgetown Loop Railroad is an engineering marvel.

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From afar, the railroad almost seems to levitate, as it goes over the Clear Creek County. Considering how incredible the construction looks today, we can only imagine how it was in 1884, when it was built.

A view of the Georgetown Loop Railroad high bridge circa 1885.

Stretching for 4,5 miles its track gauge is only 3 feet wide. The railroad came up as part of a project aiming, to connect the towns of Silver Plume and Georgetown. The two areas are set apart by the canyon of Clear Creek. So, engineers had to come up with an inventive, economic way of helping people get from one side to the other. The route reaches 640 feet high and was very often used during the silver boom in the 1880, for precious transportation from the Silver Plume mines.

In 1939, the railroad was dismantled and it wasn’t until 1980s, that local officials decided to restore it. During that time, tourists could take a ride using a historic 3 feet, narrow gauge steam train, which only added to the charm of the experience.

Devil’s Gate High Bridge

For enthusiasts interested in getting an unforgettable view of the Rocky Mountains, the Georgetown Loop Railroad journey begins in the town of Silver Plume. The trip also includes a walking tour of the Lebanon Silver Mine, which is right at the halfway point between Georgetown and Silver Plume. Though optional, the tour allows visitors to walk 500 feet into a tunnel created way back in the 1870s, which holds many historical secrets of its own.

Those, who are looking for not so mainstream tourist sites, mixed with beauty of nature, will appreciate an impressive view of the mountain range, while riding the USA heritage railroad.

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