A Blast of 80’s Nostalgia – Ghostbuster Firehouse, Manhattan

If you grew up watching 80’s flicks and sitcoms, the striking red bricks of this old firehouse might spark a few memories. Located on North Moore Street in Lower Manhattan, the 1903 Beux-Arts building is the current home to the real-life Hook and Ladder Company 8. These firefighters were the first responders involved in the September 11 attack rescue efforts.

It is a real life fire station to the general public, but there may be a handful of members of society, who may remember this landmark from a completely different setting. It was the exact same firehouse, that served as the Ghostbusters HQ in the 1984 film. It was even featured, during the movie reboot in 2016. While there isn’t anything to indicate, that the location was used for the film (i.e. leftover Ghostbuster signs or props), many can distinguish the building by its external features alone.

Besides ghostbusters, the building has also served as a backdrop to various films and tv shows during the 80’s. This makes it a prime location to take travel photos, especially if you grew up in the 80’s and are looking for a nostalgic kick in your travel senses.

Cosplayers visiting the firehouse in 2011

Between 2016 and 2018, the building has gone through extensive refurbishing of its interior living spaces and facilities. Despite that, it looks exactly the same and as iconic as ever from the outside. If you’re interested, don’t just loiter around outside taking pictures. If the Hook and Ladder firefighters are free, they’ll be more than happy to provide a little tour around their office and living spaces. If you’re lucky enough, they may show you their collection of melted clocks and phones retrieved during several fire fighting missions.

So, the next time you are in New York, why not stop by the not-so ghostly firehouse and have a look around. Reap in that nostalgia by snapping photos of the area and be shown around by a personally guided tour. The firehouse is easily accessible by taking the 1 and 2 trains at the Franklin Street Station.

Address: 14 North Moore street
New York, New York, 10013
United States

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