Honor the Legacy of the King of Rock ‘n Roll at Graceland

Elvis Presley’s star continues to shine brightly in the 21st century. Thousands still journey to his Memphis estate, Graceland, to honor the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. With his striking good looks, captivating voice, and iconic dance moves, Elvis left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Elvis acquired Graceland in 1957, assisted by his parents, Vernon and Gladys. Concerned by fervent fans constantly outside his residence, Elvis sought a more spacious, private property. The Presleys discovered Graceland, a picturesque estate atop a hill encircled by majestic oak trees, and secured it for just over $100,000.

Over time, Elvis invested significantly in Graceland, transforming it into his sanctuary. Features included a Meditation Garden for introspection, the Jungle Room with tropical decor and a man-made waterfall for relaxation and creativity, and a music room accentuated with a stained-glass entrance featuring two peacocks. So attached was Elvis to Graceland that he would transport his favorite furnishings to his tour accommodations to replicate the comfort of home.

Tourists can explore most parts of Graceland, save for the second floor, where Elvis met his tragic end at 42. The Meditation Garden allows visitors to pay homage at Elvis’s grave, resting alongside his cherished family members: parents Gladys and Vernon and his daughter, Lisa Marie. Graceland also boasts the Elvis The Entertainer Career Museum highlighting his gold and platinum records and iconic costumes, the Presley Motors Automobile Museum displaying his treasured Pink Cadillac, and the Elvis Discovery Exhibit that delves into facets of his personal life, including his military stint and passion for football.

For culinary enthusiasts, Graceland offers restaurants reminiscent of Elvis’s preferences. At Gladys’ Diner, one can savor the renowned grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich, an Elvis favorite. Vernon’s Smokehouse dishes out catfish and BBQ spaghetti, a creation from an Italian eatery in Memphis frequented by Elvis. However, those planning to dine like the King might want to keep antacids handy, given Elvis’s notorious indulgent palate.

For Elvis aficionados, Graceland is a treasure trove. Notably, a wall stands testament to decades of fans who’ve penned their names and tributes to Elvis. Graceland stands as a unique portal into the life and legacy of one of the 20th century’s brightest stars and enduring musical legends.

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