Graffiti Mesa: Valley of the names, California

California is by far one of the top U.S. destinations. One of the treasures it holds, is commonly known as Valley of the Names. It is well-preserved monument created during the Second World War. Located in Winterhaven, california, the place consists of a 1,200 acres of land filled, with signatures, dates, messages and drawings.

It all started, when soldiers trained in the area of Yuma, Arizona, expressed their feelings by placing stones on a piece of deserted land. They hoped that, even if they may never return home, their loved ones would get to see their message.

Although, the tradition started decades ago, people still leave their special note to a loved ones today. The Valley of the Names is covered in white sand, which creates a strong contrast against the dark-colored rocks. Due to the fact, that the land is barren for miles, each person must bring their rocks from the outlying desert.

Those curious enough to visit this outstanding spot need a four-wheel drive vehicle, as they have to cross a couple of hills and valleys. Even so, the place offers an incredible view including endless hills of messages, feelings and history.

Barney Oldfield Road
Winterhaven, California
United States


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