Visit Grand Marais: An Artsy Lake Town in Minnesota

Minnesota prides itself on being ‘The Land of 10,000 Lakes’ because there are a multitude of lakes and charming lakeside towns where visitors can swim, fish, and sail. One of Minnesota’s loveliest and most interesting beach towns is Grand Marais, which is one part art colony and one part fishing village. Grand Marais is home to a folk art school, a picturesque harbor, and several hiking trails that offer spectacular views of Lake Superior.

Grand Marais Harbor

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Grand Marais Harbor is one of the best places to enjoy the stunning beauty of Grand Marais. A leisurely stroll along Grand Marais Harbor is a great way to view fishing boats coming and going, find a perfectly smooth stone to skip across the water, and watch for seabirds such as Caspian terns. Visitors can set sail out of the Grand Marais Harbor in a rented boat to explore Lake Superior.

The Pier, Grand Marais

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Sweetheart’s Bluff Nature Area features three trails that offer sweeping views of Grand Marais and the deep blue waters of Lake Superior. You can explore Lake Superior’s shoreline by following the Lake Loop. The Overlook Loop and the Tower Loop allow you to gain a little altitude for a panoramic view of Lake Superior. The Tower Loop is especially popular among history buffs, because it leads to a defunct Forest Service Tower.

Grand Marais has the proud distinction of being Minnesota’s oldest artist colony. Several art galleries line Grand Marais’ main drag, but the North House Folk School is the town’s creative center. The North House Folk School is dedicated to continuing artisanal traditions that date back centuries. In addition to courses in basket weaving, jewelry making, and baking, the folk school offers drop-in summer crafting workshops where visitors can express their creativity and make keepsakes out of materials such as yarn, leather, and beads.

Grand Marais, MN

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The North House Folk School also hosts events such as the Summer Solstice and Wooden Boat Festival. Festivalgoers gather together for a weekend of joyful dancing, sailing in handmade boats on Lake Superior, and summer solstice-themed crafting. Other North House Folk School events include a Chowder Experience that showcases chowders from area restaurants, a two-hour sailing trip aboard the Hjordis schooner, and a Harborside Boat Walk that celebrates some of Lake Superior’s most illustrious sailors.

If you’re searching for a gorgeous lakeside town where you can relax on the water and get in touch with your creative side, a trip to Grand Marais is an absolute must.


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