Experience the Rush That is Hanoi’s Train Street

Twice daily, a train rolls through a snug neighborhood in Hanoi, Vietnam’s Old Quarter. Locals are so accustomed to the thundering train that chugs through their narrow neighborhood that they spend the bulk of the day riding their bikes, sipping tea, and playing games on the railroad tracks.

Visitors have become so captivated by the impossibly narrow lane that somehow accommodates a lunging train that the area is now known as Train Street. If you’re searching for a rush, pull up a chair at one of Train Street’s cafes and hold your breath as a giant train thunders by inches away from your seat.

Train Street was temporarily closed due to safety concerns, but as of January 2023, visitors can once again view a speeding train up-close as it lurches forward. The best way to experience Train Street is to stand perfectly still at a safe distance from the railroad tracks as the train passes.

The railway path, known as Ngo 224 Le Duan, is situated amidst Le Duan and Kham Tien streets within Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

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