America’s roadside attraction – Hole N’ The Rock in Canyonlands Country, Utah

Canyonlands Country, Utah is home to a Hole N The rock: an amazing 5,000 square foot home, meticulously carved out from a canyon rock. What started out as a family fun almost a century ago, is now attracting visitors from all over the world.

The Christensen family began to dig a small alcove, for their sons to sleep, but over the years it developed into an intricately engineered marvel. Albert Christensen excavated over 50,000 cubic feet of sandstone from the rock to create the home, furnished with a chimney, 14 rooms, and even a built-in bathtub.

Gladys Christensen, Hole N’ The Rock Home, Moab, Utah

The original Hole N’ The Rock with Albert (right)

Gladys Christensen, Hole N’ The Rock Home, Moab, Utah

The restroom

The living room

Doll and taxidermy collection

The home now serves as an exhibit and a museum of the family’s works and belongings. It is open all year round for visitors, who appreciate the unique home and its magnificent interior. Other attractions include a gift shop, an exotic zoo, a native American trading post and various general stores for you to take a rest and stock up.

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