Jet Off On Your Next Adventure With These 5 Holiday Savings Tips

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Saving for a holiday can put you under financial stress if you are looking to have a great time, make memories and not worry about being broke after the trip.

Although the holiday season brings great deals for people who want to travel. There are also other holiday savings that you can do to make vacationing easier. 

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Season Holiday Destinations 

You don’t always need to wait around for a special occasion to roll around before you decide to plan a vacation, and although certain areas are really pretty when in holiday season, other destinations can also make for a good breakaway. 

This way you can beat the usual holiday rush to get into your same old vacation spot and try out something new. Out-of-season holidays are also very inexpensive as these destinations aren’t in demand and will be much cheaper to spend time at. 

Another great thing about visiting out-of-season is that you have freedom of movement. There are great deals available and you don’t run the risk of not being able to find accommodation of your choosing. 

Read further to find some saving tips that you can use when planning a holiday. 

5 Holiday Saving Tips 

Holidays can be as stressful as you make it. Planning ahead and being thorough in the details of where you are going, how long you are going to be away for, and how much you are planning to spend is but just the tip of the iceberg when you calculate the total of all your expenses.  

Here are 5-holiday saving tips that you can use when you are planning your next vacation. 

Choose an all-inclusive holiday deal

This makes your holiday so much easier when you choose an all-inclusive holiday deal. These are made for your convenience with all payments made upfront. You do not need to worry about having to exchange your currency into another, or work on a budget while on vacation. 

An all-inclusive holiday package covers your meals, accommodation, drinks and meals, and in some cases depending on the package fun activities can be included as well. 

Choose a self-catering Airbnb 

If you are not planning to get an all-inclusive package deal, a cheaper option is to book into a self-catering Airbnb/inn. This means that you only pay for your accommodation. You are able to buy your own groceries and cook your own meals while you are on holiday and do not have to pay for meals and drinks at the accommodation. 

Use a card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees 

If you are looking to save some money on the vacation by avoiding foreign transaction fees then the Curve Card is a great start. 

The Curve Card is a payment method that you can use to pay for your purchases. It serves as a barrier for another currency without being charged for transaction fees. You can link your visa or Mastercard to the Curve card and use it while on holiday to make paying for your goods easier and cheaper. 

An added bonus using the Curve Card is that you get reward points when you withdraw cash even if it’s not in your own currency. 

Visit places that have a currency that is cheaper than yours 

Choosing a holiday destination where your currency has more value is a great way to save on spending. It also gives you financial freedom to explore the destination without worrying about not having enough money to get through the vacation. 

Use discount codes to save on holiday expenses 

Using discount codes/vouchers is another great way to save on your holiday expenses. These codes can help minimise the costs of accommodation or get a special on certain packages to help make the holiday as cheap as possible for you. 

By signing up to travel agency newsletters or using a travel agent’s discount code you can find yourself saving before you even go on your holiday. 


Using these holiday saving tips can put more cash back into your pocket than the usual spending does when planning to go on a vacation. 

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Invest in making the happiest memories on your next adventure while spending the least amount of money. 

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