JetBlue Offers Competitive Rates to Unusual Places


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Air travel is getting more expensive than ever, so travelers must do whatever they can to save money when booking flights. Choosing a cheap airline with competitive airfare rates is one of the main ways to spend less when traveling via airplane. JetBlue is an airline that offers customers very competitive rates, including those traveling to unusual places.

The airline has many positive reviews by passengers on review sites. The airline’s routes are primarily in North America, but JetBlue also offers international flights. The following is why you should take advantage of JetBlue’s competitive rates when traveling to unusual places:

Flight Change and Cancellation Policies

Life is an ongoing process of adapting to change because plans often go awry, and most airlines will punish you for it but not JetBlue. The airline has favorable flight change and cancellation policies, which is why many people like traveling with them. When you use iFly to check on a JetBlue flight status, you may have to cancel or change a flight if you cannot make it. JetBlue allows you to cancel or change your flight at no charge except if you use BlueBasic. However, you will have to pay the fare difference if the subsequent ticket is more expensive.

Fare Classes

JetBlue offers passengers competitive rates by providing them with five fare classes from which to choose. Blue Basic is the fare class for budget travelers who want to save money. Though you pay less on Blue Basic, you must pay for your luggage. You also only get one point per dollar instead of the three points you would get from other fare classes.

The Blue fare class is for regular economy travelers. You have to pay for checked bags, but carry-ons are free. Blue Plus is similar to Blue, the only difference being that checked bags are free in the former.

Blue Extra has additional perks such as early boarding privileges and priority check-in & security service. Mint is JetBlue’s flagship business class fare class and has top-notch services, including food, early boarding, and two free checked bags. Mint is available primarily for long flights.

Baggage Policies and Fees

If you want to feel comfortable on a flight, you should ensure that your baggage is well taken care of, which JetBlue ensures for its passengers. Carry-ons are typically free, but you will have to pay $65 for each of your first two bags and an extra $180 for your third bag. What you pay for your luggage largely depends on your route and your fare class.

If you travel in the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean, Blue Basic, Blue, and Blue Extra passengers must pay $35 for the first checked bag and $45 for the second bag. With Blue Plus fare, you get the first checked bag free but must pay $45 for the second bag. Mint customers get two free checked bags of up to 70 lbs each.


For the affordable rates JetBlue offers, they provide excellent in-flight amenities. Wi-Fi is a popular reason why people fly with JetBlue. You can work or enjoy entertainment in flight with a strong Wi-Fi connection. Speaking of entertainment, JetBlue has seatback screens on all seats on the plane with many channels and radio stations. The seats on a JetBlue airplane are more comfortable than any seat you will get with any other budget airline. They have significant padding and plenty of legroom. The seats also offer excellent lumbar support for those with back issues. You will also enjoy great meals and various drinks on the flight.

JetBlue is the seventh largest airline in the United States. They still offer affordable airfare rates to anywhere in North America and several international destinations. The fare classes, baggage policies & fees, amenities, flight change & cancellation fees make JetBlue a very appealing choice for air travel.

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